Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Reverb 10- Dec 1st Post

In searching sites for all of this December Daily juiciness, I found a site suggested from Tracey Clark called Reverb 10. I guess it is going to give me a daily prompt to help tell our story. So here we go:

The Prompts

Buddha with Key | Gwen Bell

December 1 One Word.

Encapsulate the year 2010 in one word. Explain why you’re choosing that word. Now, imagine it’s one year from today, what would you like the word to be that captures 2011 for you?
(Author: Gwen Bell)

For 2010 I'm choosing "Stressful."
I'm choosing this word because the balance between family, work and housekeeping is hard to maintain.
As Josie gets older it is getting a little easier in the housekeeping department. She will now let me clean the house and when asked to do so and sometimes threatened she will help with the clean up of her toys.
Work itself isn't stressful, but finding where Josie is going daily while I am at work is.
Family is stressful and I think it will contine to be as Mike & I find a balance between our "me" time, family as a whole time, and Couple Time. We have had it so easy for 13 years of not having a child. He did what he wanted and I did what I wanted, but now that Josie is in the mix, he still does what he wants and I can but I have Josie to take along with me. (I wouldn't change it for the world though and I would do it all over again, if we could afford it.) But I do hold a grudge towards him for having this freedom that I don't have anymore. And this stresses me out that he doesn't understand that.
And these are why I choose stressful!

My word I would hope for 2011 would be: Happiness
I hope to have an easier 2011 in my own life. I would like to simplify things. I would like to be able to get myself to let the house go. I need to get over the organization factor when it comes to Josie's toys. She is Two and that is not going to happen. Even though it drives me bonkers when she asks for something and had she put it back where I had it, I would know where it is to find it for her.
In my work area, I would like to have a set schedule for Josie's daycare. I have a plan in my head but wether it will work out or not, we'll see.
As far as Family, I need to get over the fact of Mike doing what he wants to do when he wants to do it. I need to accept the fact that I have Josie, I am her Mother and that is what Mother's do. They always have their children.

After reading back over this post, the wording in this doesn't sound right. So for future Josie, I love you and wouldn't change a thing in the world about having you. You were wanted for a long time and you are a huge blessing in our lives. Don't ever doubt that. But reading some other posts of Mom's, I feel that my feelings now will benefit you when you have your own child and you can read this post and see that, Yes, even your Mom felt this way at times. I would really like to know how my Mom dealt with the three of us at her young age and staying home all day long by ourselves. I've asked her about some things since having you and her response is always the same, "It's been so long, I don't remember." Well if I don't remember, you will have this blog to come back to.
I love you both! Josie & Mike- You are my world!!!

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