Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 24, 2010

We went to the doctor on Monday for Josie's 18 month appointment. As soon as those nurses closed the door behind us, Josie started crying. Got worse when I had to take her clothes off and she stayed that way until they left the room. Then Dr Malone came in and I tried to prep her for it. It worked for about a minute and then she cried the whole time he was checking her out. But she did stop after he was done and just standing there talking to me. Course Mommy knew what was coming next! I HATE them stupid shots too Baby. But we got to do them. She only had to get two this time and we are done until August 9th. Now hopefully we can make it until then without having to go to the doctor for other ailments.

She weighs 27 pounds and is in the 75-90%, when she measured her height she said that she was off the chart for the percentile on that one but she would put 97%. She was 34 7/8 inches. Now I know why 2T clothes are fitting her arms and legs better.

Developmentally she was at 2 years and 4 months. I told her she got that from her Mommy. :-) I knew she was a pretty smart little girl. Not that I'm bias or anything!

Will upload some February photos, hopefully next week. Until Then!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Josie's Valentine

Shhh! It's a surprise. :-)
I've been thinking of making her some felt play food. I found a blog through one that I follow daily and found a free tutorial for a Valentine box with chocolate. I thought I would try my hand at it. I think my first one turned out pretty good. Other than jamming up my sewing machine. And now I have to wait until I can get Granny up our driveway so she can come see what it is I did to it. So I had to hand sew all of it. Which was fine, you had to do the majority of it by hand anyway.
Now I'm hooked and finding all kinds of free tutorials and some on Etsy I want to buy and do for her. It is very relaxing.

Now to figure out what pattern I want to do next! :-)
Today, Aunt Michelle took her along with Riley & Kayla to Build a Bear for Valentine. Josie got a little puppy, Kayla got a reindeer with a Colts cheerleading outfit, and Riley got a video game for his DS.
They came here after and ate lunch. Josie came in and looked at the Tv and said Elmo. I told her I didn't have any Elmo's here. She got real serious, and says "Elmo, Night, Night" I about died!!! That's what we tell her when we don't want to watch anymore Elmo.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Colts Lost

Bummer! The Colts lost, but we still had fun. Rick, Michelle, Riley & Kayla came over and we had a party! We made homemade pizzas, Mikey smoked Riley's turkey he killed last spring and we had a Colts cookie. Riley really got into the game. He was yelling Losers at the Saints. And hooping and hollering for the Colts. The kids got the football out and passed it around all the while Josie just ran around in circles yelling "Go Olts!". It was really cute.

I also took Josie's 18 month photo Saturday. We didn't make it into Sears because of the snow, so after she woke up from her nap, I took some and they turned out really good if I do say so myself.

This Photo is the one everyone will get.

I love this one! This is so her!!! With that face.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

18 Months & ABC's

So today Josie is 18 months old. I really don't know how I feel about that. I am glad she is getting more independent every day and easier to deal with for a Mom with no patience. But on the other hand I miss my little baby. Just rocking her tonight I thought to myself I better enjoy every minute of this cause in another 18 months she may not want to be rocked to sleep. And I say "May"! You never know. I hope she stays my little cuddle bug, at least until she's 18! :-)

Last night while I was giving her a bath, I sung the ABC's. I was just being silly and stopping at "P" and the little terd said "QRS". So I continued singing it over and over and she also said "YZ" and "HIJK,blahblahblah, P". It is truly amazing how quickly they pick these things up.

She also knows what "2" is and uses it to get her M&M's. Cause who can resist those chubby cheeks, when she comes to you, bends over at her waist, and puts her fingers up, and says "two"! I know I can't. She can't quite count yet, but when you count the steps as you go down them, I have heard her say "eight" and "thirteen". So we are getting there.

She is getting really good at her blocks. Just tonight, she stacked them up with me holding them until she couldn't reach the top anymore. I had Daddy take a picture so I'll get that up on here soon.

I have also been working on finishing up my 2009 Scrapbook layouts and am almost to the end of October. Simply amazing how much quicker it is digitally. Don't get me wrong, I still love the traditional and crafting but it is only the beginning of February 2010 and I am already to October 2009. Never has this happened and I hope I can keep them up like this for her. However, I will have to go back and finish up 2008! :-) I guess I can put that on my list.

Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010

Wow! I can't believe it is already February! How time flies, Josie will be 18 months on Wednesday and she is learning new things daily. She is saying the funniest things and the things she can say really well such as ,"It's cold", she will repeat 50 million times. At least that's what it seems like! :-)
She is absolutely obsessed with Elmo and I think Elmo is going to have to be restricted a little. However, you put one of her Elmo DVD's in and she will watch for about 10-15 minutes and then off she goes. But if you shut it off, she is immediately back to the TV questioning where Elmo is. On the days and nights that Elmo is annoying Daddy & Mommy or we feel she has watched enough, we tell her Elmo is sleeping. It use to stop with that but now she goes through all the characters she knows and we tell her they are all sleeping. But it is nice when Mommy needs to get something done, that I can just pop in Elmo.

She is really into playing with her dolls now. She will "ocky, ocky, teetop" them and she has also begun putting them together and they kiss. Her teddy and dolls also go to the potty now. And she will stand there and ask them if they are "Done?" It is so cute!!!

We got ourselves moved to the basement this weekend and last night was our first night of sleeping down there. I told Mike I felt like I was moving to a new home or something when I went to bed last night. That and the whole 15 years that we have been married, I sleep on the Left side of the bed, which has always been by the door of our rooms. Well in this room, Mike is by the door. When I mentioned this, he got to laughing and I asked what was so funny. He asked me if I was going to get up in the middle of the night and run into the wall. I only had to get up once last night and all was well! So there!!! but we do need a nightlight, cause I see some tripping happening over toys.

Dad had his heart cat this morning. To much relief, I guess, he only has one artery 50% blocked and they don't do anything until they are 80-90% blocked. Which makes no sense, but anyway, all they did was put him on beta blockers and he didn't need a stint. Now we just got to get the clot in his leg figured out and his sleep apnea test. Hopefully they will be able to take care of these two items as easily.

Finally I can get some recent photos on here!

01-07-10 Check out the tattoo! Her first rubon.

01-10-10 We celebrated Daddy's birthday with the family on Sunday.

01-13-10 Playing in the snow with Daddy & Mommy

01-14-10 Playing in Mommy's shoes

01-15-10 Cupcakes at Granny Glodyne's 79th Bday