Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December Daily~ December 24th

We woke this morning to a living room of presents. As we were walking up the stairs to check and see if Santa was there, Josie was wanting reassurance that Santa was not still there. It was really nice to open the presents and then to be able to actually sit and play with them before we had to go anywhere. We may have to do it this way again!
Santa brought her a bunch of toys. She got a new camera, a doll, a Bitty Baby Trundle Bed, crayola coloring pad, minivan and laundry room for her house, books, log cabin, monkeys on the bed game and a new pair of Christmas Jammies. Along with some other little things.
Daddy got me a new video camera, sweatshirt and sweat pants. Mommy got Daddy a new hat, some undies and Dick's gift card.

After all was opened and cleaned up, Mommy finally got time to play with her new camera that she got from Santa. I can't believe the difference. I knew my camera was old but it is a huge difference.

After lunch, Josie was suppose to take a nap but that didn't happen. So off we went to Granny's for Christmas Eve.

 Santa showed up. He rung the doorbell and all the kids ran into the front room to answer it. As soon as Josie saw who it was she immediately hightailed it out of there crying and ran straight to me. I think if Santa could have stayed longer she would have warmed up to him, because she eventually quit crying. But it was way too hot for Santa to stay too long.

Grandma made the girls aprons that matched and sent them off to Santa for him to deliver. Josie got an apron, a horse and rider and a Hungry Hippo game.

Riley got a Domino set. They have all been on a kick of playing Dominoes and have taught Riley how to play. I snapped this just as Riley figured out his next move.
We went home to get ready for Santa the next day at Papa Doug & Mama Carole's. Plus it had already started snowing and Mommy doesn't like driving in the snow, especially in the dark.
After Josie is done in bath, most times she wants me to wrap her head like Mommy does. It's a little hard to do cause her head is so tiny, but when it works, it sure is cute!
Well tomorrow is the big day! Thought I would share this photo I took of our tree, messing around with my new camera.
Have a Merry Christmas tomorrow! And Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

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