Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December Daily~ December 25th

Thank God today is Christmas! I don't know about you but when this day gets here, I'm usually over it. Thinking about taking down my Christmas tomorrow.
That sounds like a big ole Bawhumbug! :-)
This will also be the last December Daily post. All though I would like to continue posting something daily. I do like more of the record then what I have been doing, but the Reverb #10, December Daily, and Picture the Holidays was way too much. I will have to adjust all of that next year.
Anyway, here we go!
We woke on Christmas morning to more snow, so Daddy did have to go out and do snow. Luckily, it wasn't so much that mommy couldn't get out of the driveway. Although I did almost eat Nathan Garrett's truck bumper turning around. (I wish they'd move that thing!) Other than that, no problem at all.
Course Mama Carole had all her breakfast ready to go and did it all up again this year. I think this literally is the only time that I eat an actual breakfast. If I'm ever hungry it's usually not so nutritious things and Josie doenst' care for breakfast either.
Just gonna post some photos here now. Way too many presents to write and remember. Although I think it is important for Josie to know that this is the year you got your Bitty Twins from Santa.

I didn't get any good photos of Rick, Michelle or Mikey. Sorry about that guys!

After we were done opening presents, Mama Carole had made a sugar cookie and she and Riley decorated it for Jesus' birthday. We even put candles in it and sung to him.

Next stop was Aunt Sandy's. Josie had already lost interest at Papa Doug's and Mama Carole's and she was not interested much here either. But she still had fun and did really good this time. Still wouldn't let Uncle Rick (Jones) near her but by the time we left, she did talk to him.
She got a lot of stuff from people here too.

Josie was more interested in Buddy or the Christmas trees.
Even though she doesn't look too thrilled in these photos, she was the one going around to the trees, telling me to take her picture and then she would go to the next room, to see if she could find another tree.

Josie had- had enough and was complaining about everything and being whiny. She was so tired. We went home, got her in the bath and just chilled out and played her new Monkey in the Bed game and with her magnets. She went to sleep pretty easy when it was time.

Even the cat sacked out.

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