Monday, December 13, 2010

Reverb #10~ December 11th

December 11 Prompt

Author: Sam Davidson

50 Things Your Life Doesn't Need


Prompt: 11 Things. What are 11 things your life doesn't need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?

  1. Smoking~ I am going to try and just quit cold turkey again. I need to realize that I am always going to want one, but that I need to have the willpower to overcome it.
  2. Money worries~ I don't know what I can do to get rid of this worry. I feel it is always going to be there and I need to realize that and let it go. It will all work out.
  3. Clutter~ I will try and get myself organized better. Would love to be able to afford to have someone come out and organize me but see #2.
  4. Rushed Mornings~ This one is simple but back to the willpower thing. I can't get myself out of bed in the mornings. Mike is just as bad and then we are rushing Josie to hurry up so we can get out the door. All she wants to do is play with her toys or lay on the couch and watch cartoons. Don't blame her!
  5. Work~ I need only one job. And I keep piling stuff on myself. I have always done this though. There really isn't much time that I can think of since I began working that I haven't had more than one job.
  6. To gain weight~ I haven't really gained much, but a pound here and a pound there is going to slowly add up and before I know it I'm gonna be heavy. I am really hoping to have the willpower to start exercising in 2011. Josie's dance class has a workout gym and since she is going in there on her own now, I'm going to try and start using it. I would also really like to start running. I need major toning.
  7. Meal stress~ Not really stress, but always having that feeling of ~ what am I going to fix tonight and then it always ending up something frozen such as chicken nuggets or pizza because I don't plan ahead.
  8. A clean house~ As long as my floor is swept and my kitchen counter is clean, I need to let go and enjoy. Dirty or not.
  9. Mike & I arguing~ I need to realize he looks at things different and what I think he should or shouldn't do is not even crossing his mind. He just flat out doesn't think like I do and he doesn't mean anything by it, that's just him.
  10. Projects~ I need to start on one project and finish it before starting another. I have so many projects and items to do projects that I never get around to. I bought some of those felt stockings last year after Christmas and I still haven't started on them. It's December 13th as I type this.
  11. My attitude~ I wish I was still my happy go lucky self. The one that everyone enjoyed being around and made people laugh.

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