Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December Daily~ December 11th

Today I awoke at 7:00 to start getting ready for the Richardson Christmas tonight. I had to get the pork loins in the smoker, and several other things ready.
Mikey stayed home from hunting because it was suppose to rain, so he got the meat in the smoker for me. And then he & Josie ran into town.
Dawnna, Nathan & Riley came over around 1:00 for Dawnna to help me out. We got everything ready and was pretty much done when people started arriving. All in all, I think it turned out as a good night. Even though half of the family didn't show, we still had fun.
Cindy even got the kids presents and Josie loves her new My Little Pony. The only thing is Aunt Michelle told and showed her the thermometer went in the Pony's butt so she kept doing that all night. Poor kid!
The bad thing is I decided to keep my flash on my camera since I don't really have enough light at night in my house and half of the photos didn't turn out. I'm hoping Santa brings me a new camera!!! Wink, Wink!!!
 I was so proud of my table scape. I think it turned out nice. Course I had to tell a few that the silver things were chargers and not plates for your food. You bunch of Rednecks! :-)
Nathan & Riley.
 Michelle, Cindy & Mom
 Josie & Mama Carole opening up her present from Cindy & Bobby.
She gave Cindy a hug for her present. Thank you Bobby & Cindy!
I'm so glad Cindy moved back to town and now Josie is going to grow up with her the same way I did. Her & Aunt Flo were so much fun and I remember being with them alot. I remember Cindy taking me to the mall and we went into what is now Macy's and smelled a bunch of perfumes. We stunk to high heaven by the time we got out of there and Cindy got sick!

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