Monday, November 29, 2010

Just a Ramblin'

Josie went to work with me today and we had a great time! We started putting up the christmas decorations and at lunch went to Hobby Lobby to buy some ornaments for the tree. She picked up the tube of ornaments and walked around holding them like a purse as she was "shopping". It was cute!!!
Tonight when I picked her up at Papa Doug's and Mama Carole's, dad carried her to the car. As I was putting her in the car she says "that's my Papa" I said yes that's your Papa Doug. She said no that's Papa Richard. (I've been telling her about him lately, while she plays with all the stuff he made me when I was little) I told her no that's Papa Doug, Papa Richard is in heaven with Jesus. She sat and thought a moment and then asked my why he was with Jesus. I told her evidently Jesus needed him up there with him. She thinks another moment and cocks her head to the side with her little attitude and says "I don't know why Jesus needs him, Mom". It was too cute and made me sad that she never got to meet Papa Richard and he never got to meet her. But I know that all the Grandparents are looking down and watching her as she grows.
I miss you too Papa!!!

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