Sunday, January 30, 2011

Digi In Deep V2.0 and Photshop Phriday Layouts

I am done with my class Digi In Deep v2.0 from Jessica Sprague. I was trying to get done before my photo class starts on Monday, which I am super excited about! I hope I learn lots.
One thing I have learned, is no matter what I try, no matter what I do, I always go back to photography and scrapbooking. Like I have said many times, I am obsessed!!!

Also, trying to get my Photoshop Phriday's caught back up.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


After Bethany braided the girls hair on Saturday, Josie has wanted her hair in braids everyday. At first she was calling them "knots." And not only was I to do it to her hair but also to her Barbie's. She now calls them braids though. Michelle had the girls up at Granny's on Wednesday morning and wanted Grandma to braid Kayla's hair because she doesn't know how to french braid. So of course Josie wanted hers done too. Michelle texted me these photos.

Her little face is starting to get thin and she is turning into a "girly-girl."

Friday, January 28, 2011

Bruster's & Muffins in a Row

After dance class Tuesday night Josie was wanting candy. I was wanting a milkshake. So I told her she could either have candy at home or we could go get a milkshake. She said she wanted a milkshake, so I asked her if she wanted chocolate or strawberry. She told me blue. So went to Bruster's for her first time. When we got there they didn't have blue so she got the purple milkshake. She loved it!
After her bath she wanted muffins. It is so funny watching her now cause she lines everything up.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Roses Just Because

Sunday, when Mike & Josie went to Marsh to pick up some grocery items, they brought me home some roses. My favorite colors too! Yellow is my number one choice and I just love the orange. Grandma Emma always had the orange and from what I remember it had "Passion" in the name.
I can't remember the last time Mike brought me flowers, "Just Because." But it was great and if you read this, you can continue to surprise me with them!
I took some photos of them and then I read on Jessica Sprague's forum yesterday that Pioneer Woman's assignment this time around was "flowers". So I used some of Kim Klassen's texture on it and put it up on Flickr for PW's assignment. I think it turned out really pretty!
Of course Josie wanted to take her photo with them too. She would hardly even let me play with them for photos because she was wanting to take a picture with them.

My perfect little model, I dread the day she starts being camera shy or just flat out hates it cause I do it so much!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lazy Sundays & Hot Dogs

For the past two Sundays, Josie & Daddy's lunch and or dinner have been hotdogs in his new hotdog maker. Mikey saw this out at Uncle Bobbie & Aunt Sandy's on New Years Eve. Sandy was going to get Mikey one for his birthday but couldn't find it. She ended up having to order it and Mike got it last Saturday. He is in Hog Heaven! He loves hot dogs, I never fix them cause I don't like them. Now he has Josie to eat hot dogs with and it also gets Mommy out of making supper and or lunch.
He even fixed some last night for Chris & Katie when they came over. Another gadget that he loves!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Granny's 80th Party & Crying Babies

We were suppose to have celebrated Granny's 80th birthday with a surprise birthday party on her actual birthday of January 15th. However, she woke up that morning and went to the doctor with the flu. Therefore Dad called everyone on the list to cancel. Then called them all back last week to reschedule for this Saturday. Pat Campbell took her to Greenwood for the morning and then brought her to church to be surprised. She even walked in with Uncle Richard and still had no clue what was going on.
We had a great turn out and great fun, seeing cousins we hadn't seen in a while.

Josie had a lot of fun playing with all the younger ones. Especially Gabe & Beth's youngest. She wanted to hold her so bad, thankfully she let her. They were both too cute. And Josie told me she liked this baby and pointed towards another un-named baby and said "that one cries, this one doesn't". Josie you are too funny!!

So, thank you Baby "E" for not crying!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Toy Story Tent

Friday evening when I got home from getting my hair CHOPPED!!!!, we went to Lowe's and then took Josie to Kmart so she could pick out her tent. She had the choice of Tinkerbell, Princess & the Frog and Toy Story. She chose Toy Story.
She was super excited for us to put it up and didn't want to wait, so after her bath, she & I went down to put her tent together. I never had one of these but Nathan did and I remember playing in his. I even remember one time being in his with Jennifer eating lifesavers and I got choked on a Lifesaver. So Josie~ Don't eat a lifesaver in your tent! :-)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Project 52~ Week 3

This week's prompt is "Shades of Grey". I love watching these cows grow. We see them everynight on our way home. They are all so pretty and very well fed! :-) Josie says they are her cows and this is actually the first thing she would always notice on our way home when she started identifying things. The cows is how she knew we were home.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Black Sharpie & Highlighter Toes

So today, Josie goes to work with me. Ernie has Morgan there because Shirley is sick. Which the girls had an absolute blast together. They colored, watched movies, play dough, sit & spin and dollhouse. They were great!
Morgan had her fingernails and toes painted and Josie saw it. She wanted hers done and threw an absolute fit that I didnt' have fingernail polish with me. So Ernie gets her up on the desk, while Morgan sits on his lap and he colors Josie's big toe with a Black Sharpie. Then decides he should probably use a highlighter instead. :-) So then the girls had to have all their nails colored with the highlighter.
She had to show Mama Carole when she got their at lunch and then had to show Daddy when he got home tonight. She remembered though that I said I would paint her nails when we got home. She hasn't had her nails painted since she was a little baby and Mama Carole done it. She's never been interested and quite honestly I didn't figure she would sit still long enough to do it.
But she was all for it tonight. She even picked out the color and then sat there while I painted each set and then blowdryed it before moving onto the next set.

She wanted to take it off and do it again as soon as I done it. I told her once it wore off we would paint it another color and next time she wants purple. We then go down and start working on some stuff and she smudges one of them. She panics cause it's messed up. I finally get her to let it go, she then gets in the bath and before I know it, cause I'm folding some clothes, she has picked all of her fingernails off except one. She starts in again because she wants them painted again. This may not have been a great idea! But before bed, she forgot all about it again. She will probably drive us nuts tomorrow though! :-)
But my girl is growing up! She wants to be like all the big kids.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Menards, Birthdays, Pampered Chef, MCP & Peanut Butter

Friday the 7th was my last day off. I am now back to working 5 days a week. Money wise it is great. Josie & Mommy wise, it stinks. But ya got to do what you got to do.
After Daddy got home, we ran into Menards. Mike is redoing some of my kitchen cabinets and we went to get the stuff for it. I think we need to add a row of drawers for Josie to play with. This occupied her for quite a while, while Daddy & Mommy were trying to figure things out.

Saturday, the 8th was Mikey's 35th birthday. He had to get up and go do snow in the morning so Josie & I hung out at home. As soon as he walked in the door, Josie went running to him, telling him Happy Birthday. I made lasagna, bread, salad, lemon cheesecake, oreo cake and a raspberry chocolate trifle. We had lots of leftovers but the food was all good. All the dessert made enough for all the kids to have something to blow out.

Sunday, I had a Pampered Chef party and Josie went with me. She was plum wore out by the time we got home. But I had a $600 party which was great. And Daddy got the spice cabinet made and put in.
Tuesday, we had a lot of snow so that was just great! But it is that time of year. When Daddy got off he went to Lowe's and got another organizer for the cabinet. Josie was all about helping him put it in and I had to go and get her screwdriver so she could help.

And then the lovely little girl was hungry and wanted "apples & butter". (peanut butter) So I gave it to her and she wanted to sit in the floor. She was doing really good with it and then all of a sudden she comes to me and tells me it's not working, I turn around and both hands are entirely covered in peanut butter.
I am participating in MCP's blog 52 week challenge. She gives you a prompt each week, you take the photo and upload it to the Flickr group. This week's prompt was a song title. I thought of several ideas but I kept coming back to "Rubber Duckie". Probably cause I hear it so much. So this is the photo I chose to enter to the group.
 And this is another one I got while she was cooperating with me.
I started my Digi In Deep class at Jessica Sprague and this is the first layout from week one lesson.
I'm so ready to get back into scrapbooking and slow our life down. This past month was just way to crazy. I felt like I woke up and went to bed. The days were blurs with all the stuff that had to be done.
Here's to a slower year!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

2011~ Here we come

It is officially the New Year and I have not had time to post until today. But when going back over my blog to see where I left off, I'm not as far behind as I thought.
On December 30th, we had Christmas with the Hankins' family and then had a surprise 80th birthday party for Granny Glodyne. She thought they were all coming in for Christmas but they were actually here for her birthday. Which was suppose to have been a big party with all the family, but Aunt Shirley suggested we leave it at just our family so we could all visit.
The cousins from Indiana, Arkansas & Florida all hit it off great. Course the Arkansas and Florida bunch knew each other, but the Indiana bunch didn't know everyone. It's funny how kids don't worry about strange people and they just play as if they have known them their whole lives.

Entire Anderson Clan (minus Mikey)

The Great-Grandkids

The Children

Children & Spouses


Grandkids & Spouses (minus Mikey)
Then New Year's Eve, we went out to Uncle Bobbie & Aunt Sandy's to visit with Rachel & Bobbie. I forgot my camera so I'll have to get those photos from Sandy.
Josie had a blast out there as well, playing with Rachel, making tents and using Uncle Bobbie's potty.
We left there around 9:00 to get Josie home so she could take her bath and go to bed. But the little stinkpot had other plans. She stayed up until 1:00 in the morning, when Mommy finally made her go to bed. But she got to see her first ball drop.
Saturday, when Josie finally woke up around 11:30, we got ready and went to town and bought Josie a mattress for my old twin bed. So she is now in a big girl bed!!! Hopefully now she'll stay in her own bed. I kept the bed that Grandpa Bob made me so that she could have it.
Then Tuesday night we were back at dance class. Granny decided she would go with us and Josie enjoyed showing off for her. The little burger even remembered on the way in there that three weeks ago, she went to the doctor after dance class and that he told her to drink more water. She amazes me, how much she remembers.
And babies are now using the big potties. I caught her doing this with her new boy doll. And you do not call him "baby boy" only the baby that Abby Root gave her is called "baby boy". You just call this one "boy".