Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bad Bad!

Wow I have been a really bad girl this time.
I just can't keep up on it all. I know, Excuses, Excuses.
Anyway, what's been going on!
June 18th- Josie stood all by herself while at Grandma's. Grandma said she was in the floor playing with a ball and just stood straight up. Grandma said she started yelling to get every one's attention and by the time they turned around Josie sat down. She is really good now standing on her own.
June 30th- Mom fell and broke her leg and shattered her ankle while holding Josie and taking her to swing. She ended up with a rod, plates and screws in her leg and ankle and will be down for 4-6 months. Currently, she is healing well. She's getting tired of being stuck in the chair, bed and couch. I went yesterday and bought her a card kit that she can make some cards while she is stuck. After she gets that done I'm going to go put some scrapbook kits together for her. Told her she might as well take advantage of it and get some scrapping done!
June 30th- I took Kodi and had her put to sleep. She was getting to where she couldn't climb the stairs. She was confused and running into things. And she would just lay and whine. I decided it was time. She'd had a good life and I will greatly miss her!
July 15th- Josie started walking with her walking toy we bought her a while back. She can cruise on it pretty good now but when she goes, she goes and what she hits, she hits and then she fusses because she is stuck. So you have to go turn it for her or listen to her whine.
July 17th- Started taking more steps by herself and now will walk with you only holding one of her hands. Makes me sad our little girl is growing so quickly but I also enjoy every minute of it and all the new things she is learning.
July 21st- She walked from the bedroom door into the living room to the end table by herself. She was quite excited, the whole time she was walking, hands were in the air and she was squealing and giggling.
Words- She currently says: Thank You, See Ya, Levi (dog), Giggles (stuffed dog), Eat, Ba Ba (Bottle), Bath, Good Girl, Big Girl, Mom, DaDa, Kayla, Riley, Mama, Papa, All Gone, All Done
She will kiss you and come at you with mouth wide open and tongue sticking out. So it is one slobbery kiss. She is also blowing kisses and giving you hugs. She pats Mommy when she gives her a hug. :-)
I began taking Fridays off this past Friday to help out with the babysitting. Now all I have is Michelle and Angalene, so they are each taking two days a week and then I take Friday. I plan on doing that until Mom is back up and able to take care of Josie again.
Aunt Emily came and watched her one morning, and it was so nice to leave the house and Josie not be crying for Mommy. Makes it much easier to leave! Thank you Aunt Emily!
I will be glad when Mom is up and at them because Josie is a Big Mama Girl! When Mom stands up on her walker and Josie is around, her arms go straight up wanting Mama to pick her up. So I'm sure Josie will be happy to have her Mama back too!
But since Mama isn't watching her right now, I decided it was time to break her from being rocked during naps. She was only rocked by me and Mama. Michelle always put her in the crib and had trouble doing it because she was used to being rocked. Well I decided since I was home all weekend that it was a good time to start. Talk about boring! Friday morning I put her down and got all my cleaning done other than sweeping and then I had nothing to do! So the afternoon nap I was extremely bored! I miss holding her and staring at her while she sleeps but she does sleep better in her bed.
I've been planning her 1st birthday party and having a great time doing it. It is a monkey theme!!! I made sugar cookies in monkey faces and Mike and I decorated them at night after she went to sleep. So we have neon pink and purple monkeys. I took some pictures, I'll have to bring them and put them on here. Sherry Eller is making her cakes for us. I figured I wouldn't have the time to do it. Here's a pic of her plates:
Aren't they cute?! I made bananas as her invitations.
Well I'll have to post again later.
Here's some random pics:
06-03-09 This is Giggles! (Build a Bear)
06-08-09 Riley's Baseball Game
06-13-09 Nathan & Emily
07-05-09 11 months (I love this picture!)
07-10-09 (Josie had her clothes off so Kayla had to take hers off too)
07-12-09 ( Mommy & Josie)
07-12-09 (Playing Peek A Boo with her Kitchen)