Friday, February 27, 2009


For the past week Josie has been muttering a word that sounds very familiar to "Mom". Could it be?! :-) I've given Mikey such a hard time since she has been saying "DaDa", telling him it was just baby babble and she wasn't really saying "DaDa." :-) Now I think she is saying "Mom" and it floats my boat! Now if she would look at me and intentionally saying "Mom" I could look at him and say "Nah Nah Boo Boo" She is actually calling me "Mom" and not babbling! :-) LOL
She acts like she is feeling a little better today. Her cough is sounding really snotty so maybe she is trying to break it up. Michelle called this morning and now Kayla has it. She took her to the Doctor today and they told her she was at the beginning stages and gave her amoxycillin also. So the girls have shared their bug. Now if Riley is lucky they won't share with him. I think it's actually all Aunt Michelle's fault cause she had it first! :-)
Rick, Michelle, Riley & Kayla went to the new "water park" over in Nashville and spent Wednesday night and Thursday night there. Michelle said the kids had a good time but I haven't talked to them. I'm sure I'll hear some stories when I see them. I can't wait until we can do things like that with Josie. I would love for her to remember her childhood as something fun because we did things as a family like water parks, zoos and so forth. I just hope we will have the money to do things! Better starts saving now for Disney world cause we ARE going! I have always wanted to go there. The only time I ever went there, Nathan was in diapers and he is only 3 years younger than I so I would have been 3 or 4, so needless to say I do not remember it. And I love all things Disney!
Last night when we got home Johnny Keith, Tony & Chris were there so they got to meet Josie. Josie was quite interested in staring at Chris cause he had on a fluorescent shirt. She kept "waving" at him.
She has started understanding "cause and effect." It all started with her spoon she chews on while I feed her. She would bang it on the highchair and I would make a noise. Now she bangs it on purpose so I would make the noise. Then she would kick her feet in the tub and I would make a noise plus she would get water splashed on her so now she does that on purpose. Then she started the waving of the arm and now people wave back at her so she is doing that. She is doing the dropping of things off the highchair but hasn't quite comprehended that she could continue to drop it and we would continue to pick it up.
Last night she was in a good mood so I laid her on the bed on her stomach. She pulled herself right up on her arms and reached for a toy. She stayed there for a little while playing and then got mad. She doesn't like tummy time but we are slowly working our way to it. She handles it better on the bed. So since she tolerated the bed, when we went to the floor to play, I done it to her again. She didn't last as long but she lasted longer than normal. When she is sitting now she lunges for things out of her reach. She has only tumbled a few times. So I thought maybe if we can convince her belly time is good then we can start crawling! :-) I know I'll be complaining when she gets into everything but I am ready.
I've been debating on what to do for her 1st birthday party, theme wise. I don't really think I want to do a theme but rather do some fun colors. Mike thinks I'm nuts thinking this far in advance but I actually called the cake lady a month ago to have her put us down for a cake her birthday weekend. I can't wait to see her chubby little hand dig in the cake and smear it all over her face! I have been waiting for that moment for quite some time and I am ready. I want this to be an awesome birthday party! I know she won't remember it but it's still a special one. She's gonna be 7 months on Tuesday and I can hardly believe it. Where does all the time go? We only have 5 months and she will be ONE! Plus Daddy if I can figure out what I am going to do, then I can buy a little here and there and not all at once. That's good logic, isn't it? :-) LOL

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our Poor Little Pork chop!

I had to take Josie to the doctor last night. She's had a runny nose for quite a while now but I just figured it was from teething. Then she started coughing but only done it when she was laying down or asleep. So I figured it was just a cough from the spit she was swallowing. Well Tuesday night she coughed alot and was really restless sleeping. She had also done it on the way home Tuesday evening in her car seat. Then yesterday she continued to do it with Michelle & Mom. Mom told me when I got there to pick her up that it was starting to sound croupy. So I called the Dr not expecting them to tell me to come in. Well they did so Josie & I went to the doctor. They said she has a sinus infection (first one) and a cold. They gave her amoxycillin and I'm supposed to give her benadryl also. Last night she slept better. She still coughed but not as much. So our poor little girl has a sinus infection, cold and two teeth coming in all at the same time!
They also weighed her and she is already 19 lbs 9 oz. I tell her she's my little pork chop! The outfit she has on today is a 12 month outfit. Can't believe it!!!
You can tell in her eyes that she isn't feeling good but she's such a trooper! She still all smiles and laughs.
This morning I set her in the floor when Kodi came in and she got all excited to see her. Kodi walked up to her to smell her since she can't see anymore and Josie thought that was the funniest thing ever. She got some of Kodi's hair and thought that was great! Poor Kodi, if she lasts much longer she might have her hands full. She's still doing pretty good, but is starting to really have trouble climbing stairs. Which in our home she's SOL on that one. I need to be getting some more pictures of her & Josie before she does leave us. Agh, don't want to think about that. I've had the dog for over 14 years now.
Well on a lighter note, Hope Josie starts feeling better soon!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We have a 2nd Tooth!!! It's not completely through yet but you can see the whiteness of it. She's not been too cranky. Saturday, all my family came over and I fixed dinner. She was fine all night and then after her bath she let loose. That girl screamed, cried, wailed and every other noise you could possibly think of for 45 minutes straight. I couldn't get her to calm down for anything. Finally I told Mike to go get in the shower and we would put her in there with him. After about 5 minutes she calmed down and quit crying. She has never cried like that! I thought something was seriously wrong with her. Now I'm wondering if it wasn't her teeth. She had been putting anything she could in her mouth and gnawing on it. She was that way Sunday also.
We went Saturday morning to Christie's and I chopped my hair back off. Mikey was holding Josie and she was watching and trying to figure out what was going on. It was funny watching her expressions. Especially when Christie fixed my hair and it was dry. Now all I need is new glasses and I'm back in the game! :-) Whatever game that would be! Ha Ha!
We got snow Saturday while we were at Riley's basketball game so once it was over we had to get home and Mikey had to go out to do sidewalks. It wasn't much snow but it was a heavy wet one and it did it just enough to make our driveway ice.
Michelle got stuck in the driveway when she left Saturday night and when Brad came to pick up Mikey Sunday morning he slid down the driveway. So since Josie & I were home by ourselves after the boys left to go to Bass Pro we decided to just skip church and stay home. I didn't want to get hung up in the driveway and Mikey not be home til late. So we girls just hung out at home and played, ate and slept. Well Josie slept, Mommy didn't. Mommy watched Food Network and then watched QVC from noon to 5:00 cause it was "In the Kitchen with Bob". When Dad & Mom got home from church and called, I told Dad that I pulled a "Mom" and watched QVC. The only thing I ordered was a crock pot. I needed a new one and it was cheap and on easy pay. Now I need to find me some good crock pot recipes and put it to work.
Today is Papa Mike's 60th birthday and we have to go out to eat with them tonight. Josie has been with her cousins today and I just talked to Michelle and she said she didn't nap very well this afternoon. So tonight might be a nightmare but good ole Mom will handle it. We are eating and leaving. It's too late to expect a 6 month old to be out and about when she has had a day like today. She slept good this morning so hopefully she won't be too big a bear. We'll see!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We have a TOOTH!!!

So we finally have a tooth. Mom called me yesterday afternoon and asked if I had felt in Josie's mouth lately. I had not since Sunday afternoon when she was sucking on my finger. I asked her why and she said that there was a tooth. My Mom can't see without her glasses so when Dad got home from work he checked it out and sure enough she has one. It is her bottom Left tooth. Feels like a little razor! I am so excited!!! The poor girl has been drooling in buckets since November. Well little one, all that work finally came through. I am going to try and get a picture of it but I bet that will be a hard one to get.
This past Sunday we went to Brad, Penny and Abby's for dinner. We all had a good time. It had been quite a while since we had done anything with them. Josie enjoyed watching Abby and Bo (dog). Abby got her Hannah Montana wig out and put it on Mikey. Josie couldn't' figure that one out. She got all excited and kept grabbing for it. Abby tried to get Mikey to let her put makeup on him but he wouldn't let her. The big party pooper! But she did get some good smelly lotion on him. Smelt good but sure didn't smell right coming from a man whose hands are always black from grease.

On Sunday (8th) Christie and Kenna came over. Christie came over to go through all my clothes that I had cleaned out of my closet. Kenna & Josie played. Josie hadn't seen Kenna since Kenna came to the hospital to meet her. She liked her alot, she even let her feed her her bottle.

We got Josie her new car seat. She was getting way too big for me to carry in the other one. I was hoping to make it through the winter but my little porker had other ideas. Actually weight wise she had another 4 pounds to gain before she had to be out of it but she was at the maximum height level so we went ahead and switched her. Daddy put it in the car for me this past weekend and she took her first ride in it on Sunday to church.

We went to Greenwood on Valentine's Day to pick up Josie pictures from JcPenney's. While we were there we ate lunch at Applebees. Josie got a lot of comments on her valentine outfit and we were told how well behaved our baby was by several people. As long as she has something to watch she is perfectly content. She is a nosey baby and had plenty to watch with the waiter and waitresses constantly walking by.
While there, I was trying to find her some more winter pajamas cause those seem to be the only ones she will stay all night in her crib in and she had pretty much outgrown all of them that we had. So we went to Children's Place and looked. Mikey found her two pairs of sunglasses. I had to tell him the ones he picked out were boys and not girls. His comment and reasoning were the girls were "gay" looking and the boys protected her eyes better because they actually covered them. They were 2/$5.00 so I let him buy them. The girl does not care at all when we put them on her. She showed them off to everyone Sunday after church and Uncle Nathan said she was one cool dude!

Finally, here is another scrapbook page I made yesterday afternoon. She loves this toy now. Especially when Mommy chases the balls on her knees that come out.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Pre-Valentine's Day!

Wanted to let everyone know we say Happy Valentine's Day!

Also, was thinking last night that Josie is no longer doing some things and I should probably write them down before I forget.
When she was born she would always sneeze in 3's. Now she may sneeze two times in a row but almost always just once.
When she gets tired, she would play with her ears and then pull on her hair. Now she just pulls Mommy's and Mama's hair. And the little terd thinks it's funny.
She use to stick her feet in her mouth. No big deal except when you were feeding her and she did it. That was a little on the nasty side! But still cute!!!
She also use to be really bad about her hands going in her mouth when you were feeding her. I read somewhere that they do that because their mouths are more receptive to new feelings. Now she only does it when she gets a new food.
Don't know if this is changing or not, but every night when I would feed her, her oatmeal she would always poop. Never failed, every time I would put her in the highchair about half way through her oatmeal she would fill her britches. She hasn't done that any this week but we just started the oatmeal back up from her being sick.
I can't think of anymore right now. I was just thinking last night when she was "sitting" in her bathtub and not laying down, how much she has changed over the last few weeks. And that I had better document it. Then she sneezed and I realized she wasn't doing the three times. I noticed it a month or so ago but didn't think to write it down.
I'm gonna have to get better on keeping up on these things cause we have alot more ahead of us.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

She's BACK!!! Yeah!!!

We started little Josie back on a full day of solids yesterday and she held them down. She also slowly is eating more. This morning she woke up after sleeping all night in her crib and ate all of her bottle except an ounce. She ate all of her oatmeal and lunch bottle except an ounce and Michelle just called and was giving her the afternoon bottle and then squash. I'm so glad I have my baby back. Sickness SUCKS!!!
Now if we can get her back on her night routine we'll be good. She used to let me rock her to sleep at night. Since she's been sick we have had to bounce to sleep then rock. The last two nights I've tried to simply start rocking her again and she is having no part of it. I always give in and get up out of the chair but we don't bounce like normal. I've been walking circles with her with the fan on and she'll go to sleep that way. Then I'm laying her in her crib instead of rocking her and she will stay asleep. Last night she slept the whole night by herself and to be quite honest! I didn't like it!!! I woke up at midnight, looked at the monitor and thought to myself, she's not moved, then thought your overreacting, she's fine go back to sleep. I then woke at 3:00 and thought I haven't heard her, looked at the monitor and she still hadn't moved. So I got up and peed, went downstairs, stuck my hand on her chest and she stirred. She was fine just wanted to sleep by herself I guess. I told her when she woke this morning that Mommy likes sleeping with her better. I know I won't when she's 5 but I do now.
I don't think I posted last time but she is sitting on her own now. I can sit her in the floor, put her boppy behind her and some toys in front and do what I need to do. It's nice but playing by herself doesn't last long. She wants you down there playing with her.
I made another scrap page with a new trick I learned in Photoshop and it follows. It is on our Big Snow of the year so far. Poor Levi kept wanting in the pictures with us. Josie loves watching the dogs.
Kodi licked her face this morning and she laughed at her and got all excited. I think we are going to have another animal lover. Sorry Daddy!!! :-)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Let's see, what has happened now?! Time flies
I think I've passed on the love of chocolate with my little one. No! I have not given her any but we went to Sams Club and I bought me a box of Milky Way's. I have to eat a Milky Way a day. I tell Ernie that is my "apple a day." Anyway, it was a whole lot cheaper to buy a box of 36 at Sam's then to buy one a day at Lakeside. So when we got home with them I had to have me one. Josie was sitting on my lap and she was doing everything she could to get ahold of that darn candy bar! It was so stinking funny!!! Mikey got the camera and got a picture of it. Just wait little one and if your Mommy has anything to do with it (or Mama Carole) you most certainly will love your chocolate!

On January 27th we got our first round of a big snow fall. Josie and I had our 1st Snow day on January 28th. Ernie sent me home early on the 27th and on the 28th we had 10" and so Josie and I stayed home. Daddy was out pushing snow and wasn't home til after bedtime all that week and then gone in the morning before we were even out of bed. So we didn't get a picture of Josie in the snow until that weekend. Mike & I had gone to Greenwood the day before to meet with the Doctor and we went to Babies R Us. We bought her a new winter coat because she will be going to the convertible car seat as soon as we receive it. Anyway, she has her new coat on in these pictures. Mikey was taking the pics and Levi wanted to be in them. Josie loves watching him. She wouldn't look at Daddy, she wanted the dog.

Later that night after bath, I set her on the bed and took some pics. She's sitting really well here but this past weekend (Feb 7th & 8th) she can sit on her own. Just having some pillows there "just in case" and she's good to go. Now the next thing will be crawling! Scary how much they learn in the first year. But I love watching her learn all these new things.

We took Josie to Greenwood on January 31st for her 6 month pictures. That was an absolute nightmare. I don't see how the girl even got one good picture. Mommy will have to take them from now on. Poor little girl cried as soon as we set her on the floor. She wouldn't even sit on her own, she had to have our hands right there on her back or she was going over. The photographer probably thought we were a bunch of liars saying that our daughter could sit on her own. Well for your information, look at the above picture, same day! LOL
As soon as we left the area the pictures were taken the little terd was perfectly fine! Mikey wasn't handling it very well either. So little one, you stressed your Dad out this day and now I know if we ever do this again, he will not be going with us.
Sunday, February 1st was Super Bowl Sunday and Michelle, Rick, Riley and Kayla came over. We got everything fryable out of the freezer and fried it up. We had chicken nuggets, fish sticks, french fries, tater tots, mozzarella sticks and I got the kids a cookie from Marsh. We had a good time! Riley played playstation, the girls played together and the Daddy's watched the game.

Kayla was feeding the dog our leftovers.

Josie had her 6 month doctor appointment on Feb 4th. She weighed 18 lbs 4 oz and was 29 in long. She's in the 97% on her height. That she gets from her Mommy.
She threw up in our bed for the first time on Tuesday night at 2:00 AM. Then she threw up four times on Wednesday. No throw up on Thursday. Threw up Friday night and then again Saturday night. By Sunday morning when she did it again, I was ticked and called the Dr and told them I just wanted an appointment. Every time I called them I was getting a different answer and the poor girl had been throwing up for 5 days. We went to Dr Eseri at 2:00 in the afternoon. He checked her over and said it was probably the flu that was going around. So we are assuming that is it, I'm hoping it's about done now!
I think that is it for now.