Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December Daily~ December 21st

Even though I complain about having to work, I was actually relieved to come back to work today. I guess I'm one of those Mom's that needs that break. Especially when you're not use to being the 24/7 caregiver. That sounds so bad, but it's true. I love you dearly though Josie! Smooch!!!
Anyway, yesterday Uncle Jim & Aunt Brandy came over with Mama Mike to watch Josie while I was at work. Josie is finally calling Brandy by her name instead of "Jimby". She was combining the two Sunday night.

After they left to go home and Daddy got home, we left to go drive around and look at the lights. Josie was sort of excited at the first few, but they had to be really lit up for her to care about them. We also drove down to Sherwood Oaks and saw the light show down there. There was a family that was sledding and she was more interested in watching them than anything.

When we got home, our furnace was out again. It will be a week tomorrow since the dumb thing started acting up. But Mike has always been able to get it to come back on, however last night the darn thing wouldn't. So I had to run down to Mike & Tanya's and borrow some of their space heaters as well, and that is how we heated the house last night. It was cold!!! Josie didn't sleep worth a poop, therefore neither did Mommy. I sure hope Nate is able to get it fixed today.

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