Friday, October 29, 2010

Japanese Cherry Blossom Kit by Snips & Snails Designs

This kit from Snips & Snails is a really pretty kit with all the burgundies and mauves. Has some great elements in it as well. You can get it here:

and here are my two layouts! Wonderful for heritage photos.

All Made Up Kit by Valarie Ostrom

This kit is so cute and versatile. I didn't even use it for what it was intended for and it still turned out really cute!
This page was made with the kit and one of her templates. Nothing extra of mine except the photo and the date.

I created this one from scratch. Everything except the staples (Crystal Wilkerson)  & the bracket clips (Jessica Sprague) are from this kit.
I think they both turned out adorable!
You can go grab it here at

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Some Definate Catch Up

I have been getting everything caught up with my Creative Teams. Not necessarily caught up but Stephanne from Snips & Snails has been on a roll, so I've been completing a lot of pages for her. I like being on these teams because it makes me get over my "scrappers block". Because I HAVE to do the pages for them by a deadline.
I've almost got all of my ACDSee program organized. At least what I had on my EHD, don't know if I'm going to go through my old CD's and put them on there as well or not. They are old and my styles have changed as well as what is "in style".
I got all of Nathan and Emily's wedding photos edited and ordered for them. So now all I will have to do is the enlargements.
I had a Pampered Chef show and was kind of talked into selling it. So I just signed my agreement with them tonight. I don't know why I continue to load stuff on to myself but I am hoping that I do enjoy doing this. I know I enjoy cooking and all of the trinkets that go along with it. And I need a reason to make myself get out of the house and socialize.
Now on to Josie: (at 2 years and almost 3 months)
She has gone back to not using the potty. She wants to wear big girl panties but won't quit peeing in her panties. Yes she makes it sometimes but more often than not it is too late. And the pooping is a whole other story. Now when she poops in her diaper, she won't sit down until you change her. I'm thinking over Thanksgiving break we are going to try the panties again and I'm thinking of taking the diapers away. We shall see!
She is singing all of her ABC's and sings them the right way.
She loves to sing. Her favorites right now are:
Jesus Loves Me
Baby Girl (which she calls Baby Baby)
Celebration (still)
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
and she likes the Chicken Dance song but wants to know "when it come on?" because there are no words in the song.
She loves talking on the phone and you can hear her carrying on conversations pretending to either be talking to "uncle", Mama's or Papa's, Nana, and Daddy.
She absolutely loves baby dolls. She will pick them up and tell them "it's okay" as she is bouncing to "shush" them.
Still loves Elmo but is starting to venture out to other movies now. Right now her tops are Toy Story and Fraggle Rock, what she calls "Marley, Marley" which are the Muppet movies and at Mama Carole's she likes to watch Barbie.
She loves books. She will now take a book and a doll with her when we leave to go somewhere and Tigger is now left at home. She enjoys "cat in the hat" books as she calls them. Which Dr Seuss is Mom's favorite.
Daddy takes her to bed every night if he is home. They go lay in the bed and watch football. On the nights that I have to put her to bed, she gets mad because I take her to her bed and we don't watch TV.
She was on a really back kick of saying "butthead" thanks to Uncle Nathan. But I think we may have it kicked. Now she likes to call everyone "brats". I tell her she is a brat, Mom's a brat and Dad's a brat and it's fun to be a brat. When she tells someone else that she is a brat, they argue with her and I think that is what has made "butthead" go by the wayside.

Toot Toot

Tooting my own horn here! I received an email from Stephanne at Snips & Snails and I made the inspirational newsletter at Digital Scrap Ink.
Check it out:

Spooky Layouts by Snips & Snails Designs

Check out this other new kit for Halloween called Spooky.
It is sold exclusively at Divine Digital and is a Divine Diva Deal at only $2.00 while on sale.

I made the following layouts using the kit.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

Crystal Wilkerson Challenge

I'm participating in my first Crystal Wilkerson Challenge. Check out the details by following this link:

Here's my take on the template:

Friday Freebie

Sorry this is late today! I've been working on getting caught up with Snips & Snails Designs. I am completely caught up now, just waiting on her to release some kits to the public. So keep an eye out for those.

Here is you Freebie Friday template:

Don't forget to check out my Etsy Store. And keep your eye out for a sale soon. Working on getting some more templates accomplished.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!!!

Autumn Wishes by Snips & Snails Designs

This kit is so versatile! I used it to scrap some photos of Josie in 2010 and photos of my Great Great Grandmother that we really don't know what year it is from but am thinking pre-1950's. So that is quite a range of versatility.
Anyway, her is the link for the kit:

And Here's the layouts I made:


Yummy Yummy kit & Boo Kit by Snips & Snails

Check out this kit by Snip & Snails. It is so bright and colorful. You can buy it at

Here's the preview:

Then there's the Boo kit! So cute!!!

Here's the preview:

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Soda Pop Shop Kit by Snips & Snails Designs

Check out these two layouts from Snips & Snails Designs called Soda Pop Shop.
I thought the colors in this layout went well with the photo of Josie on the swing with her glasses on like Daddy's.

This layout I did a few Hue/Saturation adjustments to make the orange & pink. But I thought these papers not only felt "50-ish" but also felt like Vegas.
Here's the preview of the kit:
Go purchase it! Would be really good for those little ones that dress in poodle skirts and leather coats!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Be Aware Kit by Snips & Snails

I know I need to get this blog caught up with Josie's going ons but I also need to get caught up with my CT teams. One of them is on a roll and I've got a lot of layouts to do. I'm hoping to be able to get caught up on Josie tomorrow. Until then........
Here's a new layout I made with a kit by Snips & Snails designs called Be Aware. It is a kit for the fight against breast cancer. I couldn't find a photo I had of just Aunt Susie to be able to make a layout about her fight with cancer so I did this instead. Note to self!!! Get a photo of Aunt Susie at next family function.

Be Aware Kit by Snips & Snails designs (with a few Hue/Saturation adjustments)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Freebie Friday

Here's another Freebie Friday template! Enjoy and remember to link me up, Please!

Dont' forget to check out my Etsy shop!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ding Ding!!!

I read a fellow scrappers blog today that I frequent often and this post just makes sense. I know I need the reminding! Go check it out and I hope it reminds you too that we are not in charge. Only the Lord up above knows what we need.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Besties Kit & In Focus Templates by Valarie Ostrom

Check out this kit available at by Valarie Ostrom. It's called Besties and works great for pages on Girls. I cheated this time and used a template also by her and called In Focus.
These photos were taken by Mom on a day that she had both girls.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Keep In Touch Kit

Check out this Kit that is for sell over at by Valarie Ostrom.
Gorgeous colors!!!
I'm going to have to go home and take photos of Josie playing with all of her phones.

More Scrap Layouts

Did some scrappin in the last few days and thought I would share, while I was uploading to all my galleries!
White Paper- ateets_whitietighties_pp_02.jpg
Dot Paper- Crystal Wilkerson_M&MBB_11.jpg
Blue Paper-JSprague-FadedHerringboneDkAqua.jpg
Yellow Bookplate- Gina Cabrera
Title Letters- Valerie Ostrom & Simply Scrappy_Me, Myself & I
Banner- Crystal Wilkerson_Sweet Summertime
Bunny Rabbits & Tree- Farrah's Creations_Spring Awakening
Flower Stickers-Crystal Wilkerson
Ribbon Strip- Crystal Wilkerson
Photoshop Phriday @ Jessica Sprague

Another Photoshop Phriday @ Jessica Sprague

Friday, October 8, 2010

Funny Things this Kid of Mine says & does

Wednesday night she was being a complete terd! I told her if she didn't straighten up she was going to be sent to her room. She says "K, I go to my room" and off she went. That threat didn't work!
Yesterday, she went to stay with Mama Carole. She was all excited cause she hadn't been there in a week due to Uncle's wedding. She told Mama yesterday, while squeezing her legs together, that she does this and kitty goes "Meow"! And she does do that every once in a while in order to keep kitty in her lap and she gets in trouble for it.
After eating last night, Aunt Emily took her outside to play so that I could clean up her mess from the day. When I went out, Uncle came home so I told Josie to run down to his house and knock on the door. So off Josie & Emily go. Course first words out of her mouth is "butthead", which is what Uncle taught her. She came running back to me to tell me that Uncle said Butthead. I told her to go wip his butt, and she did, then she herself said, butthead, and told Emily, that she would wip her butt and she did. So she knows it's wrong but won't quit saying it.
Once we got home, she got mad at me for something after her bath and came in the bathroom, yelled at me and then spit a raspberry at me. I went in the living room after her, picked her up and put her on the couch and told her she was in trouble for being hateful and she could just sit on the couch until I told her to get up. So while she was sitting on the couch, I was picking things up before bedtime and she would continuously go " Mom", me "What", her "Nothing". Then repeat it all over again. She then finally asked if she could get up and I told her yes if she came and told me she was sorry and gave me a hug. So she did and while doing so told me she was a brat.
This morning, while getting ready to leave, I told her to go give her kitty a kiss goodbye and that we would see her tonight. She picks her up and is bouncing her around like you would a baby, and says "mommy, kitty not cooperating" Don't know where she heard that one from because then she proceeds to tell the kitty as she is turning her around to face her so she could kiss her. "You wear me out!". Ha!!!! She sounds like Mommy! :-)
Like Granny says, there is only one Josie. And Mama Carole says, could you imagine if she would have had twins!
So what are you saying Grandma's?!!! Hee Hee!
Anyway, here are some photos that I hadn't posted yet. Yes Becky!, here is one of Blue too!!!
These photos were taken on the 12th @ Riley's football game.
MacKenzie's birthday party at Karst Farm Splash Pad. The kids had a blast. Allyson got Domino's pizza which I hadn't had since they changed their recipe and it was really good.
Michelle & Cindy didn't want the ice cream to be thrown away so they just ate it out of the container.
Well I think that catches me back up again! Oh No! One more note, Josie wanted to get on the scales last night and she weighed 32.8 lbs at 2 yrs, 2 months and 4 days.