Tuesday, October 27, 2009

1st Emergency Room Visit

I guess I jinxed myself yesterday by updating the blog!
Josie was at Aunt Michelle's yesterday morning and Michelle called me around 10:00 and said that Josie kept pulling on her leg and whining. She took her pants off of her and didn't see anywhere that she had hurt herself. She called back around 10:45 and said she was still doing it and just as bad. So I told her to just give her some Tylenol. She then called back around 11:00 and said that something was really wrong with her.
So I called the pediatrician's office and they couldn't get her in to check her until 6:15 that night. OK, we'll give her the Tylenol and wait it out.
Then I get to Michelle's at lunch and the poor kid is screaming her head off. Anytime you touched her right leg she would cry really hard and grab for it. So I decided I would just take her to the Emergency room. I called Mama Carole and she rode in there with us to keep her calm in the backseat on the way in there.
We get to the hospital and they take us back to the room. The Dr and nurse come in to check her and decide to do an X-ray. So she and I go to the X-ray room and they took about 5 X-Rays of her leg. The poor kid is crying this entire time and they also won't let her eat anything just in case something is broke and they have to do surgery.
The Dr checks the X-ray's, says that nothing looks broke and that he is going to call Malone's office because he feels that Malone needs to check her later in the evening to make sure nothing gets worse.
So he leaves the room to go call the Dr. Josie falls asleep on my chest. The Dr comes back in and says that Malone wants some blood drawn to check her blood count and to check for fluid in her hips and knees, because sometimes kids have that. So we wake her up and the two nurses come in to draw her blood.
I set down on the bed to hold her and the one nurse lifts up her sleeve while the other is getting the needle ready. Lo and Behold! there are teeth marks on Josie's lower right arm. The nurse says looks like she's been bit and tells Josie she's had a rough day and needs to go home and start over.
Here I am all nervous anyway because my daughter has something wrong with her, No one seen her fall or anything and you hear all the horror stories about them grilling you in case of child abuse and then we find teeth marks on her arm! Thank God they were small and you could very obviously tell that they weren't from an adult.
Anyway, the nurses stick Josie and can't get any blood, so we woke her up for nothing and have to wait for Lab to get there to do it.
The tech comes from Lab and draws blood out of her arm and we are released.
We stop at McDonald's because none of us have ate. Mom fed Josie the peanut butter sandwich that Aunt Michelle made her on the way to McD's. She ate the whole thing and was still hungry.
We drop Mom off and go home, Josie was really good until I went to change her diaper. When I went to take her pants off she started in screaming again!
I finally got her calmed down and then she just sat on my lap for about 1.5 hrs and we watched cartoons.
At around 6:00 last night she seemed to be coming out of it and so far today she is fine. The Dr called and the blood tests all came back good.
I was always thinking in the back of my mind how well I would be able to handle her first real "sickness" and I am very proud of myself. I was well controlled and able to pacify her! I guess it does come in the thick of things that a Mother will know what to do!
But I hope we don't have anything like that for a while and thank God she didn't break anything!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Wow, really bad this time around! Almost 2 months with no posts.

Let's see, not much has really changed.

This past Saturday at almost 15 months we are no longer doing night time bottles. Josie will not drink milk out of a sippy cup. The only milk she was getting was her nightly bottle. I knew the Dr's didn't want them taking a bottle after 12 months but what do you do when they won't drink milk from a sippy cup? We had tried 4 different types of cups. She would sip milk out of the last cup we found but she wouldn't drink milk. Well the Dr confirmed what I was thinking of doing so we did it! She gets nothing to drink but 1 glass of water a day with her medicine in it and the rest she is only getting milk until she starts drinking like she is suppose to. Well it seems to be working. We filled up her milk glass 3 times yesterday. One cup use to last us a whole day, in and out of the fridge of course. The Dr said you have to be more stubborn than they are.

I was afraid she would really have trouble without that night bottle and start waking up again. But it's been two nights now and knock on wood, she's slept through the night both times.

Michelle and I took the kids to the pumpkin patch up by Morgantown yesterday morning. The kids seem to have alot of fun. We got us a big pumpkin. I think Josie's favorite part was probably the pumpkin patch. She just kept walking around and trying to pick up pumpkins.

That kid will pick up anything. Last night when daddy got home from hunting, she carried her riding toy to him so he would push her. I tell her she is a he-woman like her mommy!

Well that's it for today! I'll try and be better, I promise!!!