Friday, March 27, 2009

Kenna & Josie (2-8-09)

Uncle Nathan & Aunt Emily acting silly. (1-15-09)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Josie 3-7-09

Granny Glodyne's Bday 1-15-09
Cousins @ Mama Carole's 1-13-09

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Memories

Josie's Sunglasses

I got another kit from Farrah's Creations at Polkadot Potato called Damaged. I made the following layouts with it.

Mikey as Hannah Montana

The kids at Chuck E Cheese's

Superbowl Sunday

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Always time for Firsts

But this First is for Mommy. Josie would not sleep last night for nothing. She went down completely fine. Knocked out and in bed by 8:00. I even cut her fingernails and she didn't stir. Mikey came in the house around 8:30 and like normal sounds like a bull in a china shop. The man does not have a quiet bone in his body. Course it doesn't' help that he can't hear very well so he doesn't realize how loud he actually is. Anyway, She woke shortly after he came in. I went down and patted her back to sleep. Then at 10:30, up again. Again patted her back to sleep. Up at 11:00, patted her back to sleep. Up at 11:30, at this point I had had enough so I brought her to our bed. Usually works! She'll go right back to sleep. But not this night. She was wide awake. Not fussy but kicking, rolling, pushing, talking, coughing, whining and trying to sit up. By 1:00, I'd had enough of that so I got up and went to the living room to rock her to sleep. Her little eyes were drowsy and closing, then enters Daddy again! (Gonna have to beat him!) Fixes himself a glass of water and she's up looking around to see what that noise was and what is Daddy doing. I snapped at him and told him to get back to the bed. After that she wouldn't let me rock her, so I got up and went down to her room. Walked her around and bounced, she closed her eyes so I sat down and rocked her again. She was OUT, I laid her down in her bed and up she was! Got her out of the crib after trying to pat her down and rocked her again. Out again, laid her down and what do you know! She was up again. By this time it was 2:30 and I was over it. So my first ever was letting her cry it out! I've never let her cry and not tried to soothe her. I know I know! It won't hurt her but it hurts me and I don't like it. Anyway, I turned her little heater on, turned on her noise, gave her her pacifier and tigger, and left the room. When I got up to our room and looked at the monitor I could see her little eyes moving and she was crying. I turned the monitor down and laid down. When I looked 15 minutes later she was out. So I turned the monitor back up and went to sleep. She woke again at 3:45, wouldn't cooperate with me, so I did it again. This time she was loud enough crying that I could hear her in our room but she quiet alot sooner. In her almost 8 months of life she has never had a night that bad. She wore me out. When she woke this morning she was as happy as a lark and this morning took her normal hour and fifteen minute nap. I figured she would sleep a lot longer. She might this afternoon, we'll have to wait and see. Hopefully, we don't have another night like that tonight.
I made a couple more scrap pages. Every month I take Josie's picture on the couch with a bear that Mama Carole bought her long before she was ever even conceived. My plan is that at the end of the first year I will be able to make a scrap page and see her growth. Anyway, I scrapped this picture since it was her 6 month photo. I also scrapped a photo of my Great Grandpa & Grandma Anderson (Russ) on their wedding day. Enjoy!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Another layout!

Happy Spring!

I got another layout done. It's only taken me 3 days to do it. I should not be busy at this time of month but for some reason I am. I have not had very many customers today but have had many visitors. So I've been sitting here all day visiting. Oh well! What can I say, what a wonderful job!
I went to Nathan's Tuesday on the way home and got his little heater. We hooked it up in Josie's room and she has slept in her own room, by herself, since. I knew it was too cold down there. I have said that since the house has been built but no one has ever seemed to care. When we have some extra money I'm going to call the furnace guy and have him come check us out to see if there is anything we can do. Cause summer is even worse down there. My poor little girl will wake up with icicles on her nose or we will wake up soaked from sweat. There is no happy medium! :-( Oh well, we'll get it fixed.
It's suppose to be nice out this weekend so I am hoping that Mikey can get alot done outside. I'm so ready to get out there and start working! But I'm going to stay in and work in the scrapbook room and try to get it cleaned back up. It looks like a tornado went through there.
Happy spring everyone! Get out and enjoy if you can!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another scrapbook page I finished up today.
It was so nice out last night. Mikey hung up Josie's swing on the porch and we put her in it. She absolutely loved it. She swung for over an hour and I'm the one that had her get out. It was boring old bath time. No she likes baths too but I think she was perfectly content swinging. I think I may be able to put her in the swing and work in my flower bed this summer. Which it sorely needs since I couldn't work in it last year. Couldn't bend over very well ya know! :-)
I washed my first load of clothes in my new washer last night. I really like it. I got all of our clothes caught up in 2 loads. Now I don't know if my dryer will be able to keep up! :-) It's gonna have to or I'm going to have to get me a good old fashion clothesline! I really don't want to have to buy a dryer too! :-( So we'll keep our fingers crossed.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Don't mean to be one of "those mom's"! But Josie has been saying "bah" when she sees her bottle. Okay, no big deal. Then Sunday evening when we went to take a bath. She said "ba". THEN! Monday when I dropped her off at Mom's and I went to kiss her and tell her bye, she says "bi". So yal I guess I will be "one of those mom's!" She's so stinking smart!
I wish she'd start crawling though. She is trying so hard to figure it out. Now when you are holding her and she wants down, she will fling herself forward. Then sometimes when you put her down, she is twisting her legs behind her trying to figure out how to get to her knees. She's not fighting being on her belly as much anymore either so maybe anytime now! Last night she was trying to pull herself up by using my pant legs. She gets mad when she can't do what it is she is wanting. I think she's gonna have a little attitude. Wonder where she gets that from?! HeeHee!
We started Chicken Vegetable dinner on Saturday and she liked it. I was so glad cause she won't eat any meat so far. Today she started Vanilla Pudding Custard and she likes it. When Mike and I eat something that I think is safe for her I will give her some. She's had a few things but it still makes me nervous.
I think she may be teething again. Her sleep pattern is all messed up and she is starting to drool alot again. She is chewing on anything you give her and you can hear her bottom teeth scraping it. So I'd say anytime now we will see some more choppers.
We went and bought her a swing at Menards Saturday. We haven't hung it up yet because we haven't had time. Mikey was trying to figure out how to hang it in the living room so she can use it when it's cold out. I guess that is one advantage of living in a log home. You have exposed rafters running through your rooms.
We had to go buy a new washing machine last night. I really was not wanting to spend that kind of money but it got to where it wasn't spinning. Luckily it was a load of whites I had in there so it's no big deal that they have been sitting there. Mikey is going to finish hooking it up tonight. We both find it very funny how things work. This machine has been acting up for over a month now. But it would always start working again and go a few weeks and not act up once. Then we sell a truck two weeks ago. Mike puts the money up for "just in cases" and boom guess what happens! The washing machine goes out! I'm glad we had the money sitting there but it would be nice if it could "sit there" for more than two weeks. Oh well! Poop happens!!!
I "CT-d" for a lady on a scrap website that I sale on. I made the following layout with her papers. She has some really cute stuff! Check her out if you're interested in digital scrapbooking. Click on the layout and it will take you to her store, while you are there feel free to check out my stuff too! :-) (

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Daylight Savings Time Blows!

Thanks to Mitch Daniels, a few years ago we went to Daylight Savings Time. It's never really bothered me as far as my sleep goes. If I'm tired I'll go to bed. I fight it in the morning but I'm not a morning person. Well to a little baby it really messes with their internal clock.
Yesterday morning we all accidentally slept until 6:50. Which would have been 5:50. Then last night Josie was ready for her bath at 7:00 as normal, Her bottle at 7:30 as normal and would have been ready for bed right after. But her little body thought it was 7:00 and not 8:00 and didn't want to go to sleep. She was clearly tired. Rubbing her little eyes, cuddling with mommy, pulling her hair & her ears. I finally got her to sleep about 8:30 (7:30), went and folded a load of laundry, went to check on her after as I always do before I go upstairs. Peeked in her crib and there she was wide awake and smiled at me. So I got her back out of her crib, bounced her back to sleep within 5 minutes, laid her back down and within 10 minutes she was once again awake. This time I tried to just pat her back to sleep. Didn't work and I was getting frustrated. So I gave her Tigger, covered her up, turned her mobile on and went upstairs. I sat in bed and watched her on the TV monitor. She laid there and played with Tigger for about 15 minutes and at that point she started fussing. So now it's 9:15 which would be 8:15. So I sent Mikey down to put her to sleep. She finally fell asleep about 9:45 which would be 8:45 so originally before time change she was only off by 15 minutes. This morning I made Mikey get up when I did and make sure that Josie stayed awake. She did, so we'll see how tonight goes.
Darn you Mitch Daniels!

Monday, March 9, 2009

We had an awesome weekend! I took off on Friday and went to Edinburgh with Mom & Michelle. Josie done wonderful. Never complained once. We ate at Ruby Tuesday's which was very good. I had never ate there before. I bought Josie some more winter pj's for the summer. That makes sense don't it?! LOL Since Josie's room is downstairs and it is very cool down there she is particular about what she wears to bed. Course right now you can't find winter pj's so luckily I found some at Carter's. I got her a few cute outfits at Baby Gap & at Gymboree. I had one more outfit that I wanted at Gymboree but I ran out of money. I'll have to see if I can find it on Ebay! I did earn $50 Gymbucks though so I got to remember to go get them things used when that time comes. I'll be so sad when she outgrows Gymboree, I love their clothes! And the resale value on them is awesome. I also like Janie & Jack which I had never heard of but learned of them through my cousin and her stepdaughter. They have really cute clothes but the closest one is Keystone. That is going to have to be a summer road trip!
Saturday, we got up and hung around the house until Riley's basketball game. That was nice. We haven't stayed home for quite a while. But I have to go to the bank sometime. Anyway, we went to Riley's basketball game. He done really good but when the game started he was guarding a little boy that was being very rough. His Mama said she was gonna have to go out there and give the boy a whipping. He was being really rough and got in trouble by the referee. I'd say he is a rough kid though cause the poor little guy's parents had him in a mo hawk & earrings. He was all of 6 at the most. Little young for earrings on a boy! My opinion anyway.
Then we went back home and hung around outside until my Uncle Richard's 80th birthday. It would be Josie's Great Great Uncle. They had a really good turn out and we had a lot of fun. A few from our generation decided it was time to get everyone together for a family reunion and we volunteered Nathan's house since that "was" the old homestead. I don't think he's too happy about it but he's not the one that will clean the mess up anyway and I told him we would use the barn.
Then Sunday, I was naughty and played hooky from church again! Time changed and we overslept. Not really cause if time hadn't changed we would have gotten up at 7:30 and only slept in an hour. But since time changed it was 8:30 and Mike was suppose to be at the neighbor's house at 8:30 to work on my car. So Josie and I took our time getting ready and I went down to the neighbor's to get my purse out of the car and ended up staying there until noon. They hadn't seen Josie yet and she was occupied watching Maddie & Abby ride around on 4-wheelers and go-carts. Then we went to Granny's and had lunch. Hung out there while Mikey helped Dad,Rick & Nathan lay some carpet in Granny's basement. Then we went home and fixed deer steak. After dinner was over, I gave Mike an option of going for a walk down the road or going in the woods for a walk. It was too nice out to sit in the house. So we went for a hike in the woods. It was Josie's first time in the woods and she enjoyed it. I put her in our backpack and she cooperated quite well. I don't see how people put kids in those on their own though. I couldn't do it.

Here are some random pictures from the last week:
Renee Blubaugh got her this tub for the baby shower. We got it out for her this week. She likes it but Mommy doesn't cause I don't feel like I'm getting her butt cleaned. I guess she's soaking in enough soapy water, it can get what I miss.
When Mikey comes in to play with her after I bathe her, they have to make him quack and I swear if the kid could climb out of the tub on her own she would climb right over his head and sit there so she could quack him. It's hilarious how excited she gets.
Eating puffs on her own. I was cleaning up after her dinner and turned around to find a puff stuck on her head.

She is 7 months old on this day! Where has the time gone?!
Papa Doug & Mama Carole got this for Josie when we found out it was a girl. Kayla got one for her first birthday so Dad had to find one for Josie. This is the first time she has rode on it. When we were downstairs sitting in the floor she kept staring at it so Daddy pulled it out and put her on it. They rode around the basement for a little while before her bath.

Josie loves bouncing in her Baby Einstein bouncer. I told Mike this weekend out of everything that we have had for her so far, I think this is by far the best baby item we have. She loves this thing. The older she gets the faster and higher she bounces. One of these days she might just bounce herself right out of it. The funny thing is though, she curls her toes under on one foot while she bounces so she is actually bouncing on the tops of her toes. You would think it would hurt but it doesn't stop her.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another Layout

I have a weakness for Milky Way's. I eat one daily and Josie looks like she's pretty interested too. This was too funny so Mikey took some pictures.
Here's some interesting facts I read on the computer when looking for the logo.

The MILKY WAY® Bar was first created in 1923, with the idea of putting "A chocolate malted milk in a candy bar".
A MILKY WAY® Bar sold for 5 cents in 1926.
The Vanilla MILKY WAY® Bar was introduced in 1926. The name changed in 1936 to FOREVER YOURS® Bar.
The MILKY WAY® Bar is called MARS® Bar outside the U.S.
The wiggly lines on the bottom of the bars come from the belt they ride on while cooling.
The center of the bar is called nougat, which is made by whipping egg whites with other ingredients until light and frothy to make a frappe. Flavorings, such as cocoa and malt, are added to the frappe to create the signature flavor nougat.
In 2005, Americans ate more than 200 million MILKY WAY® Bars.

Another layout I made. I bought this outfit for Riley when he was little and it was always my favorite. Looked like a little clown jailbird. Anyway, Michelle saved it and used it for Kayla and now Josie got to wear it also. Looked just as cute on her!
Yesterday morning, I stayed home with Josie because Michelle had to go to Riley's school for visitor day. Mom had a mammogram so I took off. Josie and I thoroughly enjoyed it! The little girl took an hour and forty-five minute nap and didn't even stir. I had to wake her up so that we could leave for me to meet Michelle so I could go to work. It made me sad that she was sleeping so good because she doesn't do that with Michelle. But I know the reason she doesn't is because she has to much to watch up there. And like Mom reminded me, I have to work to pay bills so Josie has a bed to sleep in. And that she would get bored if she was always at home and I would also. Which I know I would get bored. I guess it would just be easier if I could stay home if I wanted to. Right now I have no option and have to work so it makes it harder I think.
We have been having sleeping issues again. She is getting up about every other hour. It's starting to wear on me. I'm yawning all day long. The last two nights about 2:30 in the morning I give up and she comes to bed with us. I know I'm not helping the situation but at 2:30 in the morning that's the logical thing for me to do. She'll survive!
I think we are finally getting over her cold. Her nose isn't as runny anymore and she doesn't cough near as much. She still sounds like she has mucus in there when she does cough but it seems to be going away.
The weather is starting to warm up and tomorrow we are going to Edinburgh! I am so excited. This is the first time in over a year that I have taken off of work and it's not been for a Dr appointment. So I plan on having a good time. I'm just hoping it doesn't rain. I'm also hoping we can find her some winter pajamas for her to wear this summer. Our basement is always freezing when the air is on and the little girl won't sleep in normal pajamas now with the heat on. So I know when it's cold this summer she's gonna want the warm fuzzy ones. I am also going to look for some new clothes. I think I can finally buy her some outfits. She got so many for her shower I haven't really had the option of buying her any cause she didn't need them. I packed up so many that were never wore and that made me sad. I'm going to put them on Ebay though and hopefully sell them. If they do then I will use that money and replenish her closet for her. I think she's about out of 9 month clothes and needs to be wearing 12 months. So I'm going to look for some of them tomorrow. We'll see how it goes! Wish me luck!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Busy Weekend

Well we had a very busy weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it other than visiting Dad in the hospital. Saturday morning, we were on our way to town for me to go to the eye doctor and Mike called Nathan. Nathan told us that Grandma's septic had backed up and was overflowing all over the basement and Dad was on his way to the emergency room with chest pains. WHAT?! So I called Dad's cell phone to find out what was going on and evidently he had not been feeling good since Friday night but didn't want to bother anyone. So finally I guess Saturday morning he got to hurting bad enough that he had Mom take him to the emergency room. So he got a butt chewing from me. Neither one of them are taking care of themselves when something is wrong they are letting it go. Stubborn! Wonder where I get it from?! Anyway, they have kept him since Saturday. They have run all kinds of tests and couldn't really find anything other than his pancreas was inflamed. This morning they ran the scope down his throat and have found a hienial hernia (sp) and the start of an ulcer. So he has to make a lifestyle change. We don't know yet if he is going to get to go home tonight or have to stay longer.

Nathan finally got Grandma's mess cleaned up from the septic. The only thing he has left to do is pull the carpet up, which they are suppose to do tonight.

I went to Lenscrafters because I wanted to be able to do the eye exam and get my glasses all in one morning. Well wouldn't it figure! the glasses that I wanted they had to order the frames so I have to wait on them. They dilated my eyes and that was a creepy feeling. I've never had that done before. They said it would take 10-15 minutes for it to effect me but just walking out of the room and into the hall, when I went to dial my cell phone I couldn't see it. Mikey had to pick my glasses out for me cause I couldn't see, so we'll see if I like them when they come! :-) LOL

Josie had a really good weekend. I think she is feeling better. I just wish the poor girl could cough all that mucus up. She is really lifting herself up good with her arms on her stomach but still not liking laying on her tummy. Yesterday when we did it, she pushed a little with one foot. Mikey stayed home with her yesterday while I went to visit Dad. That was the first time since Josie has been here that Dad has flown solo. I waited to leave until she was ready for her afternoon nap thinking they could both lay in bed and nap. Mikey has the cold now also. Well Mike said she slept about an hour and was ready to go. When I called to see if he needed anything before I left town, he was trying to feed her her bottle and she wasn't having any part of it. She has gotten to where Mommy is the only one that can feed her. She won't let Mike do it at all. So when I got home I had to get her to eat all of her bottle. Which she did and then we tried Apple, Strawberry, Banana fruit after we ate our squash. She loved it but she really likes all fruit. Since we tried Sweet Potato's & Turkey she won't hardly touch her veggies. She ate them really good until I did that to her. Now all she wants is the fruit. So I started making her eat all of her veggie before she gets any fruit. So far it's worked but we haven't tried doing it with peas. Michelle will do that this afternoon so we'll see how that goes.

When I got home, Mikey set her in the floor and showed me what she had started doing. She will lay on her back, grab your fingers, pull herself to a sitting position and then pull herself up to standing. You can see her little legs working so hard to do it and when she gets up she gets all excited. It won't be no time and we are gonna be having to chase a little one around! :-)

Josie will be 7 months old tomorrow. It seems almost impossible.

Her cousin in Arkansas turned one. Happy Birthday Libby Kay! Hope you have a good one.