Friday, December 19, 2008

No Way!

So I get this email today from Similac telling about my "5 month" old development stage. I open up the email and begin to read. The very first line is "Your baby’s first year is almost half over"!!! I realize she will be 20 wks on Sunday which is 5 months but I didn't look at it as "almost half over". Man how time flies!!!
She has began babbling more sounds. It's not just "aaaa" anymore. Now it has a bunch of different sounds like she is trying to tell you something.
She has figured out how to make raspberries. When she does a really good one and we laugh she is so proud of herself. She grins from ear to ear.
She is really liking her sweet potatoes and her cereal. She is actually eating quite a bit. I think she is also trying to back herself off on her formula. This weekend we are going to start trying applesauce. We'll see how she likes that one. I myself, don't like it at all but Mikey does. She likes apple juice so I'm thinking she will like this.
We made some ornaments last night of her feet for the Grandma's and Great-Grandma's for Christmas. When Mikey first painted her foot she was okay with it but by the third one she was over it. She cried the entire time we did it. She does not like anything or anyone containing her in anyway. Wonder where she gets that from?! ;-) I'll post a picture of it later.
I also made some calendars for the Grandma's and Great-Grandma's and Michelle. I had to make myself one too cause they turned out really cute. All I did was get some calendar's from Factory Card and then digitally made the covers. Now I'm trying to figure out how to market them on Ebay and make a few bucks. Here's pic's of them:

Jones Grandparents'
Anderson Grandparents'
I was really happy with the way they turned out. By the way, look at the difference in the pictures of Josie. The newborn picture is the day we brought her home from the hospital. It doesn't even look like the same baby. AMAZING!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Another Catchup

Okay, November 24th, we started her on her first food. Aunt Michelle told me to start out with squash so Daddy stopped on his way home and bought her some. We tried it that night before bed and she loved it. She really done good. We didn't lose much with her blowing it out.

Saturday, November 29th, Josie met Santa Clause. We set her down on his lap and she immediately grabbed his beard. She done really well with him. Never cried once. Kayla on the other hand! She was fine when she was sitting with her bubby, but when we moved Riley to put Josie on Santa's other knee, she started crying. So she ended up having to stand infront of Riley and she still pouted.

Sometime this month we had Josie's first snow. I don't remember what day it was but we took pictures when Daddy got home. If you look real close you can see it in the background. It was dark by the time we both got home. Daddy picked up a handful for her to feel. She wasn't quite sure about it but still touched his hand.

On Dec 3rd, we left her alone with Grandpa & Grandma Jones for the first time. It was our 14th anniversary and Mike wanted to go out to dinner. I would have taken her with us if it was up to me. But I know we need to get away from her, both for her sake and mine. It sure was hard though and I won't be doing that anytime again soon. The way I look at it is, I'm away from her Monday through Friday from 8:15 to 4:45 and that's enough break for me. I'm not ready for a babysitter on my time off.

On Dec 7th after Mommy gave her a bath, Daddy wanted to put her in the shower with him to see what she would do. She loved it. He would hold her and she would push herself backwards to get her head under the water. They were in there for a long time and have done it twice since. She's a slippery little booger though so I don't think she'll be getting her baths like that yet.

On Dec 10th, I got the Santa hat out and we took some pictures. She cooperated with Mommy for a little bit. Hats don't seem to bother her but she sure don't like tummy time.

One day while Aunt Michelle was watching her, she laid her down on the floor infront of the tree and turned the train on. As the train would go behind the tree, Josie would cry, then when it would come out and she could see it she would stop. I guess we have another little girl that likes trains.

Dec 1st, she has started reaching and playing with her toys on her playmat. She is also lasting longer periods on her own now. Which is allowing Mommy some time to get other things done.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Yeah! I finally remembered to bring in the memory card from the camera to post some pics.

The only thing new with Josie is that she is rolling over on her side now. She done it a couple times last week in her sleep but Tuesday when I got to Grandma Glodyne's, Riley came running to me and told me Josie had rolled over on her side. I've gotten to see her do it a few times now. Still haven't had the camera there though to get a picture of that accomplishment.

I got her laughing really good last night at Mom's. I had her laying on the floor and I was standing over her and flipping my head, that made my hair flip over and she thought that was hilarious. I had already started the car but I couldn't quit doing it cause it was so darn cute to hear her laugh. So I'm sure we ran a few gallons out until she was done with Mommy being silly. It's only money, right?!

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving and I am so nervous about it. Josie does not like noise and I can't get her to take naps when it is noisey. So I am not looking forward to having to go places. But I am looking forward to spending 4 days in a row with her, all day long. I miss her so much having to work! Maybe one of these days!!!

Anyway, that's it for now. Here's the pics:

Her gripping her Tigger in the carseat.
Her first time in her bouncer.
Such a pretty smile!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

First toy

I was so excited last night. We got home and I put Josie in her jumper so that I could get her diaper bag ready for today and I kept hearing a noise. I turned around and she is playing with her beads on her jumper. This is the first "toy" she has "played" with. The only thing she has ever attempted to hold and do anything with is her tigger blankie. And all she does with it is chew on it. She has an Einstein duck that Mom got her and she can make it go off but it's more of an accident. This she was actually moving her hands on purpose so that the beads would go up the pole and fall back down. I had to get the video camera out and tape her and of course after I done that she didn't do it much more cause she decided to get cranky. I'll have to figure out how to post it on here and get it on.
I'm back to having trouble with having to come to work and not stay home with her. I actually count down the days in the morning to her that we get to spend together. So only one more day of work and we get the weekend! That trailer is looking more promising to me. I think Mike stills thinks I'm joking about moving but I'm not. Yal it would be sad but in the long run do you really think it would be that big a deal! That and this economy is scary and our bills are just getting higher and higher and I don't see anyway out.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Found it

So yesterday Josie found her tongue. It was the funniest thing ever. She keeps sticking it out. She flattens it and she points it and out it comes. She is soaking everything. I tried to get some pictures but of course when the camera comes out she quits doing it. Mikey asked her last night what her deal was and I said she's found her tongue, he says yal no kidding.
Mom has her today and she called a few minutes ago and said she won't keep her pacifier in her mouth cause she keeps sticking her tongue out.
I will try and get a picture again tonight.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sit up

So it's been a while since I've posted. I need to get better at this but I still have not done it. I think about it everyday but that's not the same as doing, is it?
Well since we last talked - Josie laughed for the first time out loud at Emily one evening when we were walking at Marlin. She doesn't even know what she done but whatever it was Josie thought it was funny. She has since laughed at Riley, Kayla, Mama Carole, Mommy and Daddy. I've gotten several out of her but only by pure luck. What will work one day she looks at you like you are stupid the next day. I love to hear it though and the poor girl gets hiccups when she does it.
She has also started trying to pull herself to a sitting position so Saturday I went and bought her a Bumbo. We tried it for the first time at Michelle's house that evening at Kayla's birthday. She seems to enjoy but she doesn't want to sit in it for very long. Here's a picture:
We dressed Josie up as a pumpkin for halloween. I couldn't find a costume I liked that would fit with the carseat. We were only taking her to Grandparents anyway so I just used Riley's costume. Watch out next year though, it may be pretty fun. I love Halloween.

Mike & I tried to take her 3 month pictures on the Sunday that she turned 12 weeks. We got a few and then she decided to spit up her formula everywhere so that didn't last. This happened though after I got everything set up and her changed down at Mom's so she could help me and Josie decided it was time for a nap. So after she spit up all over her outfit and the backdrop I had to postpone it til the next weekend. So this past Sunday after church, Mom, Michelle, Riley, Kayla and I took her pictures and we got some cute ones. The one with the hat is the ones we took on her 13 week Sunday, the jean outfit is one I got taken before she spit up everywhere.
Kayla turned 2 on November 1st. She was alot of fun to watch this year. She completely gets it now. The poor kids though fought over her new toys. Michelle set up her castle that she got and Riley wanted to play with her but Kayla did not want Bubby touching her stuff.
The girls took a bath together before we took Josie home to put in bed. Kayla really enjoyed having her in the tub. When Josie cried cause Aunt Michelle dumped water on her head, Kayla says "It's okay Josie!" She is too cute!!!
Well I think that is all that has happened since the last post. I will try and be better about this!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

2 Month Shots

Josie went for her 2 month shots yesterday. Poor little girl! She done very well though. She weighs 11 lbs 12 oz and is 23.5 in long already. Growing like a weed. Her skill level measured 4 month 2 weeks. So she is a smart little girl already! :-)

Dr Malone is having me put cereal in her bottles now to see if that will help her with spit up. We started that yesterday when we got back from the doctor. She didn't seem to spit up as much but she is having trouble getting it to come out of the bottle. Course it might just be she is tired from those shots or not hungry. Time will tell.

Here's a pic I took on Sunday when she turned 2 months. I can't believe how much she is growing. Before we know it she'll be crawling! I can't wait. They are so fun when they are active. I know I'll be saying otherwise when the time comes but for now I'm excited for it.

Me on the other hand, haven't been doing very well. I know I'm gonna get better but I so can not wait! I feel like I'm missing out on stuff because I don't feel good. I finally got the doctor to do something yesterday though. He changed my antidepressant and put me on an anti-anxiety med. I took my first one of those this morning. I didn't have an anxiety attack this morning. Just felt a little mopey. I come out of it in the afternoon and the evening and almost feel like myself. This postpartum depression stuff is pretty scary! It's really hard to explain how it feels. I just hope these pills start kicking in and it starts getting better real soon. Like I've told everyone, hit me with a hammer, I know how to deal with that pain. This stuff I don't know how to deal with! Mike and my parents have been awesome! I know I'm wearing everyone out but if they will all just hang in there with me then I'll be great. Nothing replaces your Dad & Mom when you feel this way. Not even your husband even though he tries so hard! I'm just ready to be myself. So Josie can know her real Mom!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

She's Here and I'm Back

Here's some pics of her first few days:

I'll post more later. I'm still in the process of getting everything caught up and also the feeling of wanting to be at work.
I have never NOT wanted to do something so much in my life. I want to hit rewind so bad on the last 6 weeks. Not on her growing up but me being able to be off of work. It sucks that we aren't in the early days where the mothers were expected to stay home and take care of their children. I so much want to be able to do this. I keep trying to talk Mike into selling everything and moving to a trailer so that I can stay home. He's not going for it so I guess I will keep on working!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Well here we are again!
My appointment is tomorrow and I'm really hoping I find something out! I told Mom this morning I think she has decided that she is comfy and she's not leaving.
I created a ticker for this blog today and it says I only have 8 days left. Wouldn't that be nice if that were true. Could be but maybe not!
I also created a playlist for the blog. I didn't know there was a song that was "Josie." I even knew the song when it played but didn't realize that was what they were saying. Stuff like these playlists annoy me when I go to a site that has one but I had to make one for me cause I love music! Josie will most definitely have a wide range of music that she will be exposed to. I like everything but opera. I can listen to it but not my choice. And Mikey likes the heavier stuff. I like the music of the heavier stuff but I can't stand the screaming and not understanding what they are saying. That and the cussing! I mean come on can you not get your point across without saying the "F" word every other word. I do believe you can! Sound like a prude don't I?
Well that's it for now! We'll see if you get another day out of me! :-)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Still Here! I have been having back pain since Sunday and yesterday was very bad. I actually felt like I was getting ready to start my period. It ran from my back all the way around the front.
I woke up this morning around 6:30 and felt a little nauseous. Well I was so lucky I got to vomit again! I hate that!!! My back still hurts but not like yesterday although my belly is hurting also. This girl has got to be making her entrance soon! I think she's waiting though so Daddy will have time to spend with her. I think Thursday would be good though, that would get it soon and yet I think Mikey could survive not working for two days. I'm sure Dennis or Steve would fill in for those days. Brad still thinks that it is going to be this Saturday and he requested that I have her around 12:03 a.m. so that he is the one that got the date just right. I hope she comes before then but if not that day will work for me. I'm just hoping she's not gonna make me wait until my due date. If I make it I have a doctor appointment Thursday and it's suppose to be with Stowell. I'm gonna ask him what the plan is if I make it that long. He talked like he wouldn't let me go past my due date and I really hope he doesn't. Kind of getting tired of waiting.
One good thing though is the boys are out reading meters and as of right now I feel like I can make it today which means I can get everything closed out for the end of the month and Michelle will only have to do postings. So that will work out for us here at work also. All though she is more important that work but if I have to wait on her at least I can get that done.
That's it for now! Hope to not talk to you tomorrow.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm still here! I had a really bad morning though. I've been up since 4:30 cause I couldn't sleep. I felt like I was having trouble breathing and I couldn't get comfortable. I was getting up every hour to pee anyway and then I couldn't sleep at all so I just got up and went to the living room. That way I figured Mike could at least get some sleep.
Friday evening he got up and slept on the couch cause his arm was hurting. I was teasing him and said he probably slept better on the couch and he said he did. Sorry!!! I can't control my bladder.
Saturday evening I went out to eat with Dad & Mom and then we went to Target. We ended up at my house and watched another movie. Nathan & Emily came over and Nathan brought me a frosty. That was very nice of him since I called him last weekend to bring me one. No that was nice they didn't have to bring me one.
Mom said she was going to stay until Mike got home and I told her she was nuts. He doesn't' normally get home until around 2:30. I finally got them to go home around midnight. I then took me a shower and went to bed. Mike didn't get home until 2:45.
Yesterday, mom came over and we got in the pool all afternoon. Emily finally came and we talked her into getting in the pool with us. The pool felt so good on my back. I've been having back pains since Sunday morning. And floating around the pool yesterday felt really good. I think the way my back feels right now I may have to go home and do it again tonight.
Dad went and got us all pizza. It was very good. I hadn't had Pizza Express in a long time.
Well anyway, if I make it to my due date I only have 10 days to go! I'm hoping she decides to come before then though cause I am not comfortable at all anymore!
Hopefully I won't talk to you tomorrow!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Papa Richard! You would have been 80 this year. I was hoping that Josie would make her debut today and share yours and Mama Scott's birthday. But as of the time I write this I still have no inclination that she is even thinking of arriving.
I'm being a little more patient today. I don't really know what has changed but now I'm thinking I would rather she wait til towards the end of next week. I just hope she does come in time that I am able to make it to Riley's birthday party.
I slept pretty good last night for a few hours but when that alarm is suppose to go off I'm already awake and I can't fall back asleep. Evidently Josie couldn't sleep either. She was very active from about 6:30 this morning til around 11:00. While I was getting ready you could see my belly move and it looked like a wave roll across it. It is such an amazing sight and feeling. I absolutely love it and it is indescribable.
I forgot that I had not posted these ultrasound pictures yet. These were taken on May 1, 2008. At this point she was in a Frank Breech position. Meaning her butt was down and her legs were up and over her head. She measured 26 weeks and 6 days.

The ultrasound on July 17, 2008 we didn't' get any pictures but you couldn't see much either. Never did see her head since she is in the down position. We got her on video though. I need to get it all burnt over to DVD but I figured I would wait until after she is here and burn that video with all of her ultrasounds.
Riley and Kayla went and rode in the tractor parade Wednesday night at the fair along with Rick & Michelle. I called Riley to see how his parade was and got some pretty good stories. He was concerned about a tractor that was in the parade that wouldn't keep running. He says him daddy told the guy he would get a chain and pull him and the guy said no. So they had to keep stopping cause that guys tractor kept dieing.
Then out of the clear blue sky he says "I get to race my 4-wheeler when I turn 5." I told him he was gonna be 5 in a couple weeks and the fair would be over. He said he knew and he got to race the 4-wheeler where the mud bog was cause they had a circle. I laughed and told him that gives him a year to practice. He said he could only practice when Daddy was home cause Mom couldn't handle it if he wrecked cause she had Kayla. I told him that was a good idea. He is too cute!
Then he called Mom at lunch cause he found a trampoline at "Nards" (Menards) that he wanted for his birthday. And he would like it to be set up for his party cause that would be fun. Well needless to say Papa Doug ordered it for him so they are going to go pick it up this weekend. I told Riley when and if he got one I wanted to come jump with him and he told me I had to wait until Josie was out of my belly. It's too bad we don't stay that innocent and comical!
Here's a picture Michelle took of the kids on the 4-wheeler this past weekend.

Well that's it for today! We'll see if I make it through the weekend. If I do I'll talk at ya Monday!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Well I'm here again! I had a doctor appointment this morning. I figured it was Weiler's turn but no I got to see Greathouse AGAIN! I really don't get how their scheduling works but if we have another child I'm going to fix that problem. It's not that I don't like her I just don't care for her and she doesn't do the internal exams so I have no idea if I've started dilating or not. I know it doesn't matter because I could dilate and stay that way for weeks but it would still be nice to know. Instead I laid in there on the stress test and she hurries in says baby looks good, measures me, asks if I have any questions and appointment over. I think that is some of why I don't care for her. I have another appointment next week and this one is with Stowell. I really hope I have her before then but I guess if I don't at least it's MY doctor I will see.
Don't get me wrong, I fully enjoy the feeling of being pregnant. Feeling Josie move and seeing her move but I am so ready to meet her and be a mom. People will call me Mom and it still doesn't sink in. I look straight through it when they say it and finish the conversation. I guess that I think they aren't talking about me or something.
I timed myself last night and I am getting up now every 1.5 hrs to pee. I thought I was going to get to sleep in this morning since my appointment wasn't until 10:15 but at 6:50 I was wide awake. I laid in bed after Mike left and watched TV for 30 minutes then I got up and got in the shower. I don't know why I can't sleep in. Now's when I need to do it cause that is most definitely going to be out of the question for quite some time.
Oh well! She'll be here before I know it. I am just thankful that I have had no problems. I could be like Amy and be stuck in the hospital until I had her. Yal she'll probably have hers before I have mine and she's due a week behind me but at least I don't have to lay in a hospital bed waiting to have her.
Well that's it for now. We'll see if I talk at ya tomorrow or not!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Well I'm still here. I think this girl is going to make us wait until my due date to meet her. Which that is only two weeks away but still, I'm ready!!!
Next week Buddy is off of work on vacation and I'm afraid of it happening then. Mike wouldn't take off work like I want him to if it was to happen then. Grandpa Richard's birthday would have been this Friday the 25th and I think that would be neat but then I would only get Mikey for the weekend cause he would want to go to work. If she decides to come before then I'm fine with it but at this point I'm kind of hoping she holds off. I really want him to be able to spend the first week with us at home and not go to work. Plus there is no race on Aug 2nd so he wouldn't miss anything there. The only problem with that date is that it is so close to Riley's birthday. Riley is worried that I won't be able to come to his birthday party. I told him we would be there if I was able to walk. Mikey said he would go either way so that ought to pacify him a little. But I don't want us to miss it either. He wants Josie to be here though so she can eat cake. I thought that was cute.
I worked on another layout yesterday and just finished it today. It's about Cameron's 1st Bday.

Well that's it for now!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another day another dollar! Still no baby. Last night we had awful storms and I am so tired. Ever since the tree fell on the deck we are both paranoid of it happening again. That and Mike I think is being protective and makes me go downstairs if it's getting questionable. We went down twice last night. I told him if I had to go down again I was going to sleep on the floor. We need to just buy a blow up mattress and when that happens just sleep down there.
My restless legs last night were awful and then the storms and Mike had the TV on and so I watched it and I wasn't really tired. Well I'm making up for it today. I'm hoping when I hit the pillows tonight I can go straight to sleep. The last time I looked at the clock this morning I think it was 2:45.
This morning when I got up and got in the shower I started feeling pukey. Well lovely, I puked again. I have made it this whole time without actually throwing up and I've done it twice now. And it is so weird too cause you don't actually puke anything up. Kind of like you are puking up spit. Mikey had to get me a glass of water and then I puked it up. After about 5 minutes it finally went away and I could finish my shower. Mom said that she puked when she was going into labor with me. Well it didn't work last week when I threw up but maybe today it will! :-)
I done some scrapping yesterday and these are the pages I got done.

Well that's it for now! Maybe I'll talk to you tomorrow, maybe I won't!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008

Well I made it through the weekend and still no Josie! :-( Everyone thought the day was going to be Saturday but they were wrong. Josie didn't move very much Friday or Saturday, and I told Mike maybe she was resting up for her big day. But evidently, what do I know! :-) Sunday she was very active and so far this morning she's been moving pretty good. I think the little terd is gonna make us wait.
Saturday, Michelle, Mom and the kids came over early morning and we swam pretty much all day. Riley is getting very brave in the pool and I'm glad. He was pretty timid until Michelle put him in the swim classes at IU. They really did make a difference for a class that only lasted two weeks. Kayla just isn't' afraid so I don't' think we will have to worry about her being timid. Shes actually too brave at times.
Yesterday, it was just Mom & I in the pool. It was almost too hot to even be in the pool but I'm gonna use it as much as I can cause we've not really had a very good summer for the pool.
Mikey let Roscoe loose while he was outside and the brat took off again and Levi followed. I am so over that dog! I'm still attached to the dummy though so I have a hard time thinking of letting him go. But with a baby I'm not going to be able to deal whit him much. Our neighbor up on the top of the hill at Lawson showed up at our house around 8:50 and had the dogs. We got them home, locked up Levi and tied Roscoe back up. It will be a very long time before Roscoe is ever let loose again. They both got a wipping from Daddy when we got home. Probably have no idea why they were even in trouble. Don't' know what I'm gonna do with them all but all 3 are wearing me out! Poor Kodi can't see anything anymore but other than her eyesight and her hearing she has nothing wrong with her so I can't bring myself to put her down. But she's getting kind of annoying also because of not being able to see or hear. I don't think she's gonna be around much longer though so I'm just gonna wait her out. If she starts to get sick then I might be able to do it but right now I can't bring myself to it.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008

Well I'm still sitting here at work! :-( We had another doctor appointment yesterday and had an ultrasound. Her estimated weight is 7 lbs 3 oz. So at least she's gonna be a healthy looking baby and clothes aren't going to swallow her. Dr. Stowell then checked me and I'm not dilated. He seems to think that we will go to the due date and if I do that, she will be an 8 to 8.5 lb baby. The weight would be great but I really am ready for her to be here! My nights are getting very long because I'm anxious and I don't have anything to do to keep my mind off of it. Ernie, Mike & Mom thinks she is going to make her entrance tomorrow. I hope if she does that, Mike isn't' racing. Dad says they are babysitting me tomorrow while Mike is gone. I told them I could pick up the phone and call. I had to laugh at Mom last night after my appointment. She hadn't laid anything out to fix for dinner because she thought we would be going to the hospital.

I guess I'm going to have to do some scrapping up here during the day to keep my mind off of this. Yesterday I created Riley's birthday invitation. I hope he likes it. I thought it was pretty cool. Here's what it looks like:

Tomorrow we are all getting in the pool. Michelle bought the kids some new sunscreen and I've been using it because I am burning pretty easy. I really like it, it has really darkened me up and I don't burn. I lay in the pool forever knowing I'm getting too much sun but the water feels so good on my feet. My feet are swelling so much that they actually hurt. My left one is worse than my right one, which I don't understand what the deal with that is. I have had some days where my right one looks normal and my left one looks like the Nutty Professor. Maybe that means all the weight I've gained is water! :-) We'll say it is!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

I started having some weird pains Friday around 4:00 in my lower abdomen. I called Christie to see what contractions felt like. She said it could be it! Well today is Monday and I've had them again but they aren't very often and they aren't really painful. It may be the beginning of labor but it may also be my imagination.
One thing I'm not imaging though is she has been alot more active. My stomach is constantly moving. This morning she had hiccups. It didn't dawn on me until they went on for about 5 minutes that it was hiccups and not her kicking. If it was her kicking she kicked at timed intervals.
She has also been on my left side more than usual. She rarely is on my left side, she seems to like my right but every once in a while she moves so hard she feels like she is sprawled across my whole stomach but you can see a big hump on my left side.
I'm definitely ready for her to be here now, since quitting my shots my patience I think is wearing thinner. More so that I'm afraid for her since I quit my shots. I'm sure God will look over us and keep her safe but it's still in the back of my mind.
It sure is nice though not taking shots anymore. I had planned on sleeping in Saturday morning but instead it decided to storm and between the storm and Kodi I couldn't sleep. I did get to sleep a little late Sunday morning but my bathroom breaks aren't really allowing that now. I have also had some weird dreams the last two nights. Everyone says you have some weird ones while you are pregnant but other than at the beginning of the pregnancy I haven't dreamed. Course they aren't lasting long now cause I'm up every 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs to use the bathroom.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I am getting so anxious. I can't sit still at night, I can't sleep all I do is toss and turn. I'm uncomfortable but I'm not uncomfortable the way other pregnant women complain. I've been pretty lucky. I was nauseous the first 12 weeks but I never actually threw up. I had a spell of a few weeks of heartburn in the late 2nd trimester but it went away. I've just now started having heartburn again and now it's with everything I eat but I've only been dealing with it for about a week and a half. She's just now pushing in my ribs. I've felt her up there now for 3 days. Other than my shots though I've had it pretty easy, I think.
She is getting more active. The books say that I would feel less movement because she was running out of room, but she's actually more active or it's just a harder feeling so I feel it better. I love to sit and watch my stomach move. It amazes me! Mikey had his hand on my stomach last night rubbing her and he said it was so weird, I asked him what, and he said it feels like I have an alien in my belly. I've only been saying that now for about a month and a half. When you could really start to see my belly move. If she doesn't move, that's how we both get her to move, is rub my stomach in circles and she almost always will start moving. I told him she's gonna come out wanting her butt rubbed cause I'm pretty sure that's the bump we feel when we are rubbing.
I've had my bags packed now for two weeks and am just waiting for the time! I'm nervous about that. I'm scared but I know the doctors know what they are doing. I am just hoping I don't end up like Dawnna and have pospartumcardiomiopathy. Right now that is all I am worried about. I feel that everything with her and the labor will be okay.
We had another doctor appointment this morning. We had to see Greathouse again. Josie was active so I didn't have to lay on the non-stress test for an hour like I did last week. That was a relief. I asked her though about the likelihood of me going into labor this weekend after my last shot tonight, and she made it seem that the Heparin shots were no big deal. I think that kind of disappointed me, but then she ordered an ultrasound for next week, so I'm looking forward to that. If I make it, we'll get to see her inutero one more time and then it shouldn't' be long and she'll be here!
Maybe she will wait and my belly will have some time to heal from the shots before she gets here! I guess we'll wait and see.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I should have started this a long time ago but I didn't. So we'll have to play catch up with this post.

We have been married for 13 yrs as of Dec 3, 2007. During this 13 yrs we have never taken birth control. We have always wanted a family, we didn't necessarily agree upon how many children. I wanted 4 and Mike only wanted 2. However, God had different plans for us. It has taken alot of trial and tribulation to get to where we can say we are going to be parents. We have gone through several fertility treatments, we have discussed adoption, and we have also even considered a child free lifestyle. To be quite honest, I thought the later was what we were destined for.

When we went through fertility treatments in 2000, I kept all of our problems to myself. We didn't discuss it with anyone other than immediate family and even that was limited. Well within the past year, a friend's daughter was having difficulty becoming pregnant. Her mother would come and discuss situations with me. Then another friend's brother had problems. Well, in discussing openly about the problems, I realized we aren't the only ones and that infertility affects alot of people. Both of these couples have became pregnant and had healthy children.

I had another laparoscopy surgery January 2007. When Dr Stowell and I discussed this, he gave me three options. 1st- laparaoscopy 2nd- Lupron injections 3rd- hysterectomy. I was devastated, I never imagined in my wildest dream that I would ever really hear those words. I knew in the back of my brain that hysterectomy was a very good possibility. Mike & I discussed our options and decided to do the laparoscopy. My endometriosis was definitely back and had gotten worse. He wanted to then put me on Lupron shots. We wanted a second opinion so we decided to see Dr Gentry in Indianapolis.

Dr Gentry wanted me to go ahead and do one round of Lupron shots to give my body a break after the surgery. We decided that with two Dr's telling us this, we had better do it. I was told to take the shot and when it wore off to call Dr Gentry and we would discuss our options. In the meantime we also had a blood test ran to see if that might be our problem. There is only one place in Indiana that does it so we had to go there. That was St Francis in Indianapolis. The nurse called with the results and that was most definitely a problem. We didn't know if that was the only problem but it definitely was a factor. The way she explained it to me was that I could have been pregnant a million times and not known it because my body would reject Mike's half of the baby. In other words, like an organ transplant and I rejected the organ. They wanted to do Heparin shots and a low dose baby aspirin to see if it would correct the problem when we moved forward. The Lupron shot then finally wore off September of 2007. Dr Gentry, Mike & I then decided to try and use the two embryo's that we still had frozen from 2000 and see if they would work. We were given a schedule of medication that I needed to take to prepare my body for the transfer. Mike got very good at given me shots. We had the transfer on November 15, 2007. The embryologist told us that if it worked to let the baby know that it had already taken a ride in a minivan before it was even thawed. (She had to go pick them up at the previous doctor)

We found out on November 29, 2007 that the blood test was positive! We were finally pregnant, it seemed so surreal. After all this time and effort it finally worked. We don't know if it's because of the shots or not but God definitely had our backs. We then had to wait 6 wks to find out if they had both taken or just one.

We went in for our first ultrasound January 8, 2008 (Mike's Bday). There was only one heartbeat. Mike was happy, he was scared of having twins, I was kind of disappointed but still very happy! We had several more appointments with Dr Gentry and was released from him to go to our normal doctor at 12 wks. We then began seeing Dr Stowell, Dr Weiler and Dr Greathouse.

We found out at 20 weeks that we were having a girl. I had pretty well felt that from the beginning. It took the ultrasound technician forever to figure out what she was because she had her little feet tucked up under her butt and her legs squeezed together. She got her to move for a split second and got the shot. She then went back into the exact same position. She was already stubborn!

That night I was expected to go home and get the quilts ordered so we could decide on what we were doing her room in. Mike was anxious to do something. I ordered three quilts from Pottery Barn and waited for them to be delivered. The night they were delivered I had to make a decision and we went to Lowe's that night to get everything to do the room. Mom then came over that Friday and painted for me and then Mike & Brad hung the wainscoting Saturday and we finished the room up on Sunday.

Things calmed down for a little while after that. Then we had my shower on June 8th. That was something! Friday evening we had torrential downpours and major flooding. Saturday the water kept rising in Dad & Mom's field. We went to bed Saturday evening thinking we were going to have to call everyone and move the shower to my house. If we were going to have to do that then I had to clean the house, Mike had to clean the garage and our driveway had to be fixed from the rain water. At 7:45 Sunday morning, mom called and the water had gone down. We were back on for their house. Then at 10:00, dad called Mike's cell phone and they had no electricity. At this point all we could do was laugh! Well the electricity came back on and everything worked out great. The heat was a little warm but it wasn't raining! When I got done opening everything up and stood up from my chair, I had sweated so much that it looked like I had peed my pants and my feet looked like Professor Clump! But the stash we got was well worth it. We loaded everything up in Michelle's van, the chevy truck and my Jeep. When we unloaded everything the family room was full. Mike wanted to go through everything that night. I finally made him go to bed at 11:00 pm. Riley wanted to stay and "help us situate Josie's stuff" So Monday evening when I got off work I went and got him and he helped us put some of her stuff up. Mom ended up having to help me get all the laundry done. She took half of her clothes and blankets home with her and I would stop each night and pick up a load from her, wash a load at my house and put Mom's load away. It took us the whole week after the shower to get everything washed and put away. She is definitely not hurting for clothes for the first year.

Now it was time to just wait for her to get here!

I have another Dr appt tomorrow and I have 3 shots left!