Monday, February 9, 2009

Let's see, what has happened now?! Time flies
I think I've passed on the love of chocolate with my little one. No! I have not given her any but we went to Sams Club and I bought me a box of Milky Way's. I have to eat a Milky Way a day. I tell Ernie that is my "apple a day." Anyway, it was a whole lot cheaper to buy a box of 36 at Sam's then to buy one a day at Lakeside. So when we got home with them I had to have me one. Josie was sitting on my lap and she was doing everything she could to get ahold of that darn candy bar! It was so stinking funny!!! Mikey got the camera and got a picture of it. Just wait little one and if your Mommy has anything to do with it (or Mama Carole) you most certainly will love your chocolate!

On January 27th we got our first round of a big snow fall. Josie and I had our 1st Snow day on January 28th. Ernie sent me home early on the 27th and on the 28th we had 10" and so Josie and I stayed home. Daddy was out pushing snow and wasn't home til after bedtime all that week and then gone in the morning before we were even out of bed. So we didn't get a picture of Josie in the snow until that weekend. Mike & I had gone to Greenwood the day before to meet with the Doctor and we went to Babies R Us. We bought her a new winter coat because she will be going to the convertible car seat as soon as we receive it. Anyway, she has her new coat on in these pictures. Mikey was taking the pics and Levi wanted to be in them. Josie loves watching him. She wouldn't look at Daddy, she wanted the dog.

Later that night after bath, I set her on the bed and took some pics. She's sitting really well here but this past weekend (Feb 7th & 8th) she can sit on her own. Just having some pillows there "just in case" and she's good to go. Now the next thing will be crawling! Scary how much they learn in the first year. But I love watching her learn all these new things.

We took Josie to Greenwood on January 31st for her 6 month pictures. That was an absolute nightmare. I don't see how the girl even got one good picture. Mommy will have to take them from now on. Poor little girl cried as soon as we set her on the floor. She wouldn't even sit on her own, she had to have our hands right there on her back or she was going over. The photographer probably thought we were a bunch of liars saying that our daughter could sit on her own. Well for your information, look at the above picture, same day! LOL
As soon as we left the area the pictures were taken the little terd was perfectly fine! Mikey wasn't handling it very well either. So little one, you stressed your Dad out this day and now I know if we ever do this again, he will not be going with us.
Sunday, February 1st was Super Bowl Sunday and Michelle, Rick, Riley and Kayla came over. We got everything fryable out of the freezer and fried it up. We had chicken nuggets, fish sticks, french fries, tater tots, mozzarella sticks and I got the kids a cookie from Marsh. We had a good time! Riley played playstation, the girls played together and the Daddy's watched the game.

Kayla was feeding the dog our leftovers.

Josie had her 6 month doctor appointment on Feb 4th. She weighed 18 lbs 4 oz and was 29 in long. She's in the 97% on her height. That she gets from her Mommy.
She threw up in our bed for the first time on Tuesday night at 2:00 AM. Then she threw up four times on Wednesday. No throw up on Thursday. Threw up Friday night and then again Saturday night. By Sunday morning when she did it again, I was ticked and called the Dr and told them I just wanted an appointment. Every time I called them I was getting a different answer and the poor girl had been throwing up for 5 days. We went to Dr Eseri at 2:00 in the afternoon. He checked her over and said it was probably the flu that was going around. So we are assuming that is it, I'm hoping it's about done now!
I think that is it for now.

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