Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our Poor Little Pork chop!

I had to take Josie to the doctor last night. She's had a runny nose for quite a while now but I just figured it was from teething. Then she started coughing but only done it when she was laying down or asleep. So I figured it was just a cough from the spit she was swallowing. Well Tuesday night she coughed alot and was really restless sleeping. She had also done it on the way home Tuesday evening in her car seat. Then yesterday she continued to do it with Michelle & Mom. Mom told me when I got there to pick her up that it was starting to sound croupy. So I called the Dr not expecting them to tell me to come in. Well they did so Josie & I went to the doctor. They said she has a sinus infection (first one) and a cold. They gave her amoxycillin and I'm supposed to give her benadryl also. Last night she slept better. She still coughed but not as much. So our poor little girl has a sinus infection, cold and two teeth coming in all at the same time!
They also weighed her and she is already 19 lbs 9 oz. I tell her she's my little pork chop! The outfit she has on today is a 12 month outfit. Can't believe it!!!
You can tell in her eyes that she isn't feeling good but she's such a trooper! She still all smiles and laughs.
This morning I set her in the floor when Kodi came in and she got all excited to see her. Kodi walked up to her to smell her since she can't see anymore and Josie thought that was the funniest thing ever. She got some of Kodi's hair and thought that was great! Poor Kodi, if she lasts much longer she might have her hands full. She's still doing pretty good, but is starting to really have trouble climbing stairs. Which in our home she's SOL on that one. I need to be getting some more pictures of her & Josie before she does leave us. Agh, don't want to think about that. I've had the dog for over 14 years now.
Well on a lighter note, Hope Josie starts feeling better soon!

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