Thursday, February 12, 2009

She's BACK!!! Yeah!!!

We started little Josie back on a full day of solids yesterday and she held them down. She also slowly is eating more. This morning she woke up after sleeping all night in her crib and ate all of her bottle except an ounce. She ate all of her oatmeal and lunch bottle except an ounce and Michelle just called and was giving her the afternoon bottle and then squash. I'm so glad I have my baby back. Sickness SUCKS!!!
Now if we can get her back on her night routine we'll be good. She used to let me rock her to sleep at night. Since she's been sick we have had to bounce to sleep then rock. The last two nights I've tried to simply start rocking her again and she is having no part of it. I always give in and get up out of the chair but we don't bounce like normal. I've been walking circles with her with the fan on and she'll go to sleep that way. Then I'm laying her in her crib instead of rocking her and she will stay asleep. Last night she slept the whole night by herself and to be quite honest! I didn't like it!!! I woke up at midnight, looked at the monitor and thought to myself, she's not moved, then thought your overreacting, she's fine go back to sleep. I then woke at 3:00 and thought I haven't heard her, looked at the monitor and she still hadn't moved. So I got up and peed, went downstairs, stuck my hand on her chest and she stirred. She was fine just wanted to sleep by herself I guess. I told her when she woke this morning that Mommy likes sleeping with her better. I know I won't when she's 5 but I do now.
I don't think I posted last time but she is sitting on her own now. I can sit her in the floor, put her boppy behind her and some toys in front and do what I need to do. It's nice but playing by herself doesn't last long. She wants you down there playing with her.
I made another scrap page with a new trick I learned in Photoshop and it follows. It is on our Big Snow of the year so far. Poor Levi kept wanting in the pictures with us. Josie loves watching the dogs.
Kodi licked her face this morning and she laughed at her and got all excited. I think we are going to have another animal lover. Sorry Daddy!!! :-)

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