Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We have a TOOTH!!!

So we finally have a tooth. Mom called me yesterday afternoon and asked if I had felt in Josie's mouth lately. I had not since Sunday afternoon when she was sucking on my finger. I asked her why and she said that there was a tooth. My Mom can't see without her glasses so when Dad got home from work he checked it out and sure enough she has one. It is her bottom Left tooth. Feels like a little razor! I am so excited!!! The poor girl has been drooling in buckets since November. Well little one, all that work finally came through. I am going to try and get a picture of it but I bet that will be a hard one to get.
This past Sunday we went to Brad, Penny and Abby's for dinner. We all had a good time. It had been quite a while since we had done anything with them. Josie enjoyed watching Abby and Bo (dog). Abby got her Hannah Montana wig out and put it on Mikey. Josie couldn't' figure that one out. She got all excited and kept grabbing for it. Abby tried to get Mikey to let her put makeup on him but he wouldn't let her. The big party pooper! But she did get some good smelly lotion on him. Smelt good but sure didn't smell right coming from a man whose hands are always black from grease.

On Sunday (8th) Christie and Kenna came over. Christie came over to go through all my clothes that I had cleaned out of my closet. Kenna & Josie played. Josie hadn't seen Kenna since Kenna came to the hospital to meet her. She liked her alot, she even let her feed her her bottle.

We got Josie her new car seat. She was getting way too big for me to carry in the other one. I was hoping to make it through the winter but my little porker had other ideas. Actually weight wise she had another 4 pounds to gain before she had to be out of it but she was at the maximum height level so we went ahead and switched her. Daddy put it in the car for me this past weekend and she took her first ride in it on Sunday to church.

We went to Greenwood on Valentine's Day to pick up Josie pictures from JcPenney's. While we were there we ate lunch at Applebees. Josie got a lot of comments on her valentine outfit and we were told how well behaved our baby was by several people. As long as she has something to watch she is perfectly content. She is a nosey baby and had plenty to watch with the waiter and waitresses constantly walking by.
While there, I was trying to find her some more winter pajamas cause those seem to be the only ones she will stay all night in her crib in and she had pretty much outgrown all of them that we had. So we went to Children's Place and looked. Mikey found her two pairs of sunglasses. I had to tell him the ones he picked out were boys and not girls. His comment and reasoning were the girls were "gay" looking and the boys protected her eyes better because they actually covered them. They were 2/$5.00 so I let him buy them. The girl does not care at all when we put them on her. She showed them off to everyone Sunday after church and Uncle Nathan said she was one cool dude!

Finally, here is another scrapbook page I made yesterday afternoon. She loves this toy now. Especially when Mommy chases the balls on her knees that come out.

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