Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Pre-Valentine's Day!

Wanted to let everyone know we say Happy Valentine's Day!

Also, was thinking last night that Josie is no longer doing some things and I should probably write them down before I forget.
When she was born she would always sneeze in 3's. Now she may sneeze two times in a row but almost always just once.
When she gets tired, she would play with her ears and then pull on her hair. Now she just pulls Mommy's and Mama's hair. And the little terd thinks it's funny.
She use to stick her feet in her mouth. No big deal except when you were feeding her and she did it. That was a little on the nasty side! But still cute!!!
She also use to be really bad about her hands going in her mouth when you were feeding her. I read somewhere that they do that because their mouths are more receptive to new feelings. Now she only does it when she gets a new food.
Don't know if this is changing or not, but every night when I would feed her, her oatmeal she would always poop. Never failed, every time I would put her in the highchair about half way through her oatmeal she would fill her britches. She hasn't done that any this week but we just started the oatmeal back up from her being sick.
I can't think of anymore right now. I was just thinking last night when she was "sitting" in her bathtub and not laying down, how much she has changed over the last few weeks. And that I had better document it. Then she sneezed and I realized she wasn't doing the three times. I noticed it a month or so ago but didn't think to write it down.
I'm gonna have to get better on keeping up on these things cause we have alot more ahead of us.

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~ MJ ~ said...

I love your page Josie, it's so pretty! ;)
Have a wonderful Valentine's Day sweetie.