Friday, January 23, 2009

Not much new here. Just done another scrapbook page and thought I would get it on here.

The little one slept a little better last night. I only had to get up 3 times with her and the first two she fell right back asleep. The third time I gave up and brought her to our bed. She slept until I woke her! Oh well, first born are the most spoiled, right?!
Michelle, Kayla and Josie came up here this morning and I laid Josie down in the floor to change her diaper. She is now not only lifting her head off the ground now her legs are going up stiff also. She gets herself in a "V" shape. I keep telling her now she needs to get sitting on her own. She does pretty good but still wouldn't leave her there sitting by herself.
She is going to Papa Mike and Grandma Jones tomorrow afternoon and Daddy and I are going to go on a date. I'm ready to go out just the two of us I think and that will get them off our back so we don't have to do the "weekly" dinners. I'm over all of that!
Sunday, we get to go get our taxes done and I think after we are going to go to Babies R Us. I just hope we get a really good return this year. We sure do need the money.

Love those cheeks but sure don't miss the food all over the face! She's done being so messy now, now she has the hang of it! :-)

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