Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We have a 2nd Tooth!!! It's not completely through yet but you can see the whiteness of it. She's not been too cranky. Saturday, all my family came over and I fixed dinner. She was fine all night and then after her bath she let loose. That girl screamed, cried, wailed and every other noise you could possibly think of for 45 minutes straight. I couldn't get her to calm down for anything. Finally I told Mike to go get in the shower and we would put her in there with him. After about 5 minutes she calmed down and quit crying. She has never cried like that! I thought something was seriously wrong with her. Now I'm wondering if it wasn't her teeth. She had been putting anything she could in her mouth and gnawing on it. She was that way Sunday also.
We went Saturday morning to Christie's and I chopped my hair back off. Mikey was holding Josie and she was watching and trying to figure out what was going on. It was funny watching her expressions. Especially when Christie fixed my hair and it was dry. Now all I need is new glasses and I'm back in the game! :-) Whatever game that would be! Ha Ha!
We got snow Saturday while we were at Riley's basketball game so once it was over we had to get home and Mikey had to go out to do sidewalks. It wasn't much snow but it was a heavy wet one and it did it just enough to make our driveway ice.
Michelle got stuck in the driveway when she left Saturday night and when Brad came to pick up Mikey Sunday morning he slid down the driveway. So since Josie & I were home by ourselves after the boys left to go to Bass Pro we decided to just skip church and stay home. I didn't want to get hung up in the driveway and Mikey not be home til late. So we girls just hung out at home and played, ate and slept. Well Josie slept, Mommy didn't. Mommy watched Food Network and then watched QVC from noon to 5:00 cause it was "In the Kitchen with Bob". When Dad & Mom got home from church and called, I told Dad that I pulled a "Mom" and watched QVC. The only thing I ordered was a crock pot. I needed a new one and it was cheap and on easy pay. Now I need to find me some good crock pot recipes and put it to work.
Today is Papa Mike's 60th birthday and we have to go out to eat with them tonight. Josie has been with her cousins today and I just talked to Michelle and she said she didn't nap very well this afternoon. So tonight might be a nightmare but good ole Mom will handle it. We are eating and leaving. It's too late to expect a 6 month old to be out and about when she has had a day like today. She slept good this morning so hopefully she won't be too big a bear. We'll see!

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