Monday, December 15, 2008

Another Catchup

Okay, November 24th, we started her on her first food. Aunt Michelle told me to start out with squash so Daddy stopped on his way home and bought her some. We tried it that night before bed and she loved it. She really done good. We didn't lose much with her blowing it out.

Saturday, November 29th, Josie met Santa Clause. We set her down on his lap and she immediately grabbed his beard. She done really well with him. Never cried once. Kayla on the other hand! She was fine when she was sitting with her bubby, but when we moved Riley to put Josie on Santa's other knee, she started crying. So she ended up having to stand infront of Riley and she still pouted.

Sometime this month we had Josie's first snow. I don't remember what day it was but we took pictures when Daddy got home. If you look real close you can see it in the background. It was dark by the time we both got home. Daddy picked up a handful for her to feel. She wasn't quite sure about it but still touched his hand.

On Dec 3rd, we left her alone with Grandpa & Grandma Jones for the first time. It was our 14th anniversary and Mike wanted to go out to dinner. I would have taken her with us if it was up to me. But I know we need to get away from her, both for her sake and mine. It sure was hard though and I won't be doing that anytime again soon. The way I look at it is, I'm away from her Monday through Friday from 8:15 to 4:45 and that's enough break for me. I'm not ready for a babysitter on my time off.

On Dec 7th after Mommy gave her a bath, Daddy wanted to put her in the shower with him to see what she would do. She loved it. He would hold her and she would push herself backwards to get her head under the water. They were in there for a long time and have done it twice since. She's a slippery little booger though so I don't think she'll be getting her baths like that yet.

On Dec 10th, I got the Santa hat out and we took some pictures. She cooperated with Mommy for a little bit. Hats don't seem to bother her but she sure don't like tummy time.

One day while Aunt Michelle was watching her, she laid her down on the floor infront of the tree and turned the train on. As the train would go behind the tree, Josie would cry, then when it would come out and she could see it she would stop. I guess we have another little girl that likes trains.

Dec 1st, she has started reaching and playing with her toys on her playmat. She is also lasting longer periods on her own now. Which is allowing Mommy some time to get other things done.

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