Thursday, November 13, 2008

First toy

I was so excited last night. We got home and I put Josie in her jumper so that I could get her diaper bag ready for today and I kept hearing a noise. I turned around and she is playing with her beads on her jumper. This is the first "toy" she has "played" with. The only thing she has ever attempted to hold and do anything with is her tigger blankie. And all she does with it is chew on it. She has an Einstein duck that Mom got her and she can make it go off but it's more of an accident. This she was actually moving her hands on purpose so that the beads would go up the pole and fall back down. I had to get the video camera out and tape her and of course after I done that she didn't do it much more cause she decided to get cranky. I'll have to figure out how to post it on here and get it on.
I'm back to having trouble with having to come to work and not stay home with her. I actually count down the days in the morning to her that we get to spend together. So only one more day of work and we get the weekend! That trailer is looking more promising to me. I think Mike stills thinks I'm joking about moving but I'm not. Yal it would be sad but in the long run do you really think it would be that big a deal! That and this economy is scary and our bills are just getting higher and higher and I don't see anyway out.

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