Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I should have started this a long time ago but I didn't. So we'll have to play catch up with this post.

We have been married for 13 yrs as of Dec 3, 2007. During this 13 yrs we have never taken birth control. We have always wanted a family, we didn't necessarily agree upon how many children. I wanted 4 and Mike only wanted 2. However, God had different plans for us. It has taken alot of trial and tribulation to get to where we can say we are going to be parents. We have gone through several fertility treatments, we have discussed adoption, and we have also even considered a child free lifestyle. To be quite honest, I thought the later was what we were destined for.

When we went through fertility treatments in 2000, I kept all of our problems to myself. We didn't discuss it with anyone other than immediate family and even that was limited. Well within the past year, a friend's daughter was having difficulty becoming pregnant. Her mother would come and discuss situations with me. Then another friend's brother had problems. Well, in discussing openly about the problems, I realized we aren't the only ones and that infertility affects alot of people. Both of these couples have became pregnant and had healthy children.

I had another laparoscopy surgery January 2007. When Dr Stowell and I discussed this, he gave me three options. 1st- laparaoscopy 2nd- Lupron injections 3rd- hysterectomy. I was devastated, I never imagined in my wildest dream that I would ever really hear those words. I knew in the back of my brain that hysterectomy was a very good possibility. Mike & I discussed our options and decided to do the laparoscopy. My endometriosis was definitely back and had gotten worse. He wanted to then put me on Lupron shots. We wanted a second opinion so we decided to see Dr Gentry in Indianapolis.

Dr Gentry wanted me to go ahead and do one round of Lupron shots to give my body a break after the surgery. We decided that with two Dr's telling us this, we had better do it. I was told to take the shot and when it wore off to call Dr Gentry and we would discuss our options. In the meantime we also had a blood test ran to see if that might be our problem. There is only one place in Indiana that does it so we had to go there. That was St Francis in Indianapolis. The nurse called with the results and that was most definitely a problem. We didn't know if that was the only problem but it definitely was a factor. The way she explained it to me was that I could have been pregnant a million times and not known it because my body would reject Mike's half of the baby. In other words, like an organ transplant and I rejected the organ. They wanted to do Heparin shots and a low dose baby aspirin to see if it would correct the problem when we moved forward. The Lupron shot then finally wore off September of 2007. Dr Gentry, Mike & I then decided to try and use the two embryo's that we still had frozen from 2000 and see if they would work. We were given a schedule of medication that I needed to take to prepare my body for the transfer. Mike got very good at given me shots. We had the transfer on November 15, 2007. The embryologist told us that if it worked to let the baby know that it had already taken a ride in a minivan before it was even thawed. (She had to go pick them up at the previous doctor)

We found out on November 29, 2007 that the blood test was positive! We were finally pregnant, it seemed so surreal. After all this time and effort it finally worked. We don't know if it's because of the shots or not but God definitely had our backs. We then had to wait 6 wks to find out if they had both taken or just one.

We went in for our first ultrasound January 8, 2008 (Mike's Bday). There was only one heartbeat. Mike was happy, he was scared of having twins, I was kind of disappointed but still very happy! We had several more appointments with Dr Gentry and was released from him to go to our normal doctor at 12 wks. We then began seeing Dr Stowell, Dr Weiler and Dr Greathouse.

We found out at 20 weeks that we were having a girl. I had pretty well felt that from the beginning. It took the ultrasound technician forever to figure out what she was because she had her little feet tucked up under her butt and her legs squeezed together. She got her to move for a split second and got the shot. She then went back into the exact same position. She was already stubborn!

That night I was expected to go home and get the quilts ordered so we could decide on what we were doing her room in. Mike was anxious to do something. I ordered three quilts from Pottery Barn and waited for them to be delivered. The night they were delivered I had to make a decision and we went to Lowe's that night to get everything to do the room. Mom then came over that Friday and painted for me and then Mike & Brad hung the wainscoting Saturday and we finished the room up on Sunday.

Things calmed down for a little while after that. Then we had my shower on June 8th. That was something! Friday evening we had torrential downpours and major flooding. Saturday the water kept rising in Dad & Mom's field. We went to bed Saturday evening thinking we were going to have to call everyone and move the shower to my house. If we were going to have to do that then I had to clean the house, Mike had to clean the garage and our driveway had to be fixed from the rain water. At 7:45 Sunday morning, mom called and the water had gone down. We were back on for their house. Then at 10:00, dad called Mike's cell phone and they had no electricity. At this point all we could do was laugh! Well the electricity came back on and everything worked out great. The heat was a little warm but it wasn't raining! When I got done opening everything up and stood up from my chair, I had sweated so much that it looked like I had peed my pants and my feet looked like Professor Clump! But the stash we got was well worth it. We loaded everything up in Michelle's van, the chevy truck and my Jeep. When we unloaded everything the family room was full. Mike wanted to go through everything that night. I finally made him go to bed at 11:00 pm. Riley wanted to stay and "help us situate Josie's stuff" So Monday evening when I got off work I went and got him and he helped us put some of her stuff up. Mom ended up having to help me get all the laundry done. She took half of her clothes and blankets home with her and I would stop each night and pick up a load from her, wash a load at my house and put Mom's load away. It took us the whole week after the shower to get everything washed and put away. She is definitely not hurting for clothes for the first year.

Now it was time to just wait for her to get here!

I have another Dr appt tomorrow and I have 3 shots left!

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