Saturday, November 27, 2010

Uncles, Money & Tears

Josie saw Uncle "Davie" (David) on Thanksgiving night and now instead of it always being Uncle Butch she talks about, now it's Uncle Davie. She informed me this morning as I was getting out of the shower that Uncle Davie was crying. I asked her why he was crying and she told me because, she didn't give him a Million dollars. I guess I would cry to Uncle Davie.

Speaking of Uncles! Thursday at Nana's, she was scared to death of Uncle Rick. We walked in the door and of course they all swarmed her. That's not a good way to start! Uncle Rick (Jones) asked if he could have a hug and Josie just nodded her head yes, not quite knowing what to think. But she went to him and as soon as she started hugging him she also started crying. From that point on, she wouldn't go near him. If he came near her, she would run to me crying and squeeze my neck. It was kind of funny, but sad at the same time. It's sad that she is like that because she doesn't get to see any of them enough. Or comfortable at Nana's enough that it doesn't matter who's there. But they just aren't like my side of the family. They don't do get togethers unless it's holidays.

On a side note, last night was the first night she slept in Big Girl Panties. My little girl is growing up!!!

I also signed up for a new class. I need to get my photo mojo back!
Big Picture Classes

Wish me luck! And hopefully this will keep the blog up to date better. Got to go, Josie's awake from nap!!! And we are off to another Pampered Chef show at Cindy's.

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