Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas Time's a Coming!

Just have some things to post on here for memory sake and then I'll get us caught up in photos.

  • Josie has been in big girl panties since November 1st. Mostly she goes without having any accidents and I believe we are officially potty trained. Diapers are only at night and nap, which I think I could get rid of but Mommy's paranoid!
  • She is into singing all of her bible songs and knows about all of them. She is also starting to try and say the Pledge of Allegiance to the Bible.
  • Her music is expanding, she was wanting to listen to music last weekend and found my CD's. And guess the first one she grabbed?!!! Made this Mommy so happy. She grabbed John Cougar. or whatever you want to call him. He's still Cougar to me!
  • We started putting up Christmas decoration on Nov 1st. and now she wants to decorate everything.
  • She helped Mommy put up her Disney tree in the family room and actually did very well. When she did get bored though, she started tearing my boxes trying to get the ornaments out. Not good!
  • She & I went to Wal-mart to pick her out a tree, I had planned on getting her a pink one but she picked out purple. It is actually very pretty, but a little too small for ornaments, so I bought some purple lights to put on it. The only ornaments she has on it is the ones Uncle Christ brought her this past Tuesday and they are monster trucks.
  • Speaking of Tuesday, this past Tuesday was the second week of no Mommy's allowed in dance class. And she did really well this week. Took a little coaxing but there were no tears shed!
  • This past Monday evening, I had a pampered chef show so Daddy stopped to pick up Josie and take her home. When they got home they fixed our downstairs toilet. Tuesday evening, Josie & I come home from dance class and she said she wanted to take a bath downstairs. I needed to pee and this is the conversation that took place as I was peeing.
                       Me: Josie, I am so glad you & Daddy fixed the potty and we can flush it now!!!
                       Josie: Mommy! pause  I didn't say damnet!
                       Me: You didn't?
                       Josie: No Daddy did!

I about died! This girl talks way to clearly and picks up on way too much. But even though she shouldn't be saying it, you can't help but laugh cause it was hilarious.

  • After she went to bed last night I started putting the ornaments on the upstairs tree. When she woke up this morning, she was running back and forth between me and the tree, telling me she sees Strawberry Shortcake and Mommy pick me up!
Now we'll get caught up on photos.

Daddy telling Josie to eat the pumpkin!

Josie telling Daddy how to draw her pumpkin and he's not listening to her.

Michelle helped her carve the one on the left and Daddy carved the one on the right.

Josie really got into Halloween. It didn't take her long to figure out what the costume was for.

 Then we had a Ninja and a Cheerleader Barbie.

Josie had a blast when I got my Pampered Chef kit. She ended up climbing in the bag.

 Cindy made this cake for Kayla, she wanted a Barbie cake.

Granny made her a purse and matching dress. Josie got one too.

Josie had to play dress up last night after we had our bath.

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