Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pampered Chef, Josie & Dawnna

Yeah!!! I had my fourth Pampered Chef party last night and it was a $400 party, so that means I met my goal of $1500 for the month of November and I get my spring products for free. I'm so excited, can't wait to see that box on my porch.
Today, Dawnna came over and hung out with Josie & I. We had a good time and got the menu set for the Richardson Christmas party. And even assigned the specific items to different people.
Josie would ask Dawnna every once in a while, "Why you here, and when you go home?" Then as the day went on, she asked Dawnna when her Mommy was coming to pick her up. That was hilarious and we had to call Aunt Susie to tell her.
We had a great Sunday though! Hanging out, made some snickerdoodles, did some more Christmas decorations, which I will probably be griping about come January when I take them down cause I did so much. Which reminder to self, Take some pictures! I stinking forgot my camera over Thanksgiving so I'm gonna have to rely on everyone else to give me some photos to scrap.
Man! I miss my brain!!!

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