Thursday, January 27, 2011

Roses Just Because

Sunday, when Mike & Josie went to Marsh to pick up some grocery items, they brought me home some roses. My favorite colors too! Yellow is my number one choice and I just love the orange. Grandma Emma always had the orange and from what I remember it had "Passion" in the name.
I can't remember the last time Mike brought me flowers, "Just Because." But it was great and if you read this, you can continue to surprise me with them!
I took some photos of them and then I read on Jessica Sprague's forum yesterday that Pioneer Woman's assignment this time around was "flowers". So I used some of Kim Klassen's texture on it and put it up on Flickr for PW's assignment. I think it turned out really pretty!
Of course Josie wanted to take her photo with them too. She would hardly even let me play with them for photos because she was wanting to take a picture with them.

My perfect little model, I dread the day she starts being camera shy or just flat out hates it cause I do it so much!

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