Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Menards, Birthdays, Pampered Chef, MCP & Peanut Butter

Friday the 7th was my last day off. I am now back to working 5 days a week. Money wise it is great. Josie & Mommy wise, it stinks. But ya got to do what you got to do.
After Daddy got home, we ran into Menards. Mike is redoing some of my kitchen cabinets and we went to get the stuff for it. I think we need to add a row of drawers for Josie to play with. This occupied her for quite a while, while Daddy & Mommy were trying to figure things out.

Saturday, the 8th was Mikey's 35th birthday. He had to get up and go do snow in the morning so Josie & I hung out at home. As soon as he walked in the door, Josie went running to him, telling him Happy Birthday. I made lasagna, bread, salad, lemon cheesecake, oreo cake and a raspberry chocolate trifle. We had lots of leftovers but the food was all good. All the dessert made enough for all the kids to have something to blow out.

Sunday, I had a Pampered Chef party and Josie went with me. She was plum wore out by the time we got home. But I had a $600 party which was great. And Daddy got the spice cabinet made and put in.
Tuesday, we had a lot of snow so that was just great! But it is that time of year. When Daddy got off he went to Lowe's and got another organizer for the cabinet. Josie was all about helping him put it in and I had to go and get her screwdriver so she could help.

And then the lovely little girl was hungry and wanted "apples & butter". (peanut butter) So I gave it to her and she wanted to sit in the floor. She was doing really good with it and then all of a sudden she comes to me and tells me it's not working, I turn around and both hands are entirely covered in peanut butter.
I am participating in MCP's blog 52 week challenge. She gives you a prompt each week, you take the photo and upload it to the Flickr group. This week's prompt was a song title. I thought of several ideas but I kept coming back to "Rubber Duckie". Probably cause I hear it so much. So this is the photo I chose to enter to the group.
 And this is another one I got while she was cooperating with me.
I started my Digi In Deep class at Jessica Sprague and this is the first layout from week one lesson.
I'm so ready to get back into scrapbooking and slow our life down. This past month was just way to crazy. I felt like I woke up and went to bed. The days were blurs with all the stuff that had to be done.
Here's to a slower year!!!

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