Monday, January 10, 2011

2011~ Here we come

It is officially the New Year and I have not had time to post until today. But when going back over my blog to see where I left off, I'm not as far behind as I thought.
On December 30th, we had Christmas with the Hankins' family and then had a surprise 80th birthday party for Granny Glodyne. She thought they were all coming in for Christmas but they were actually here for her birthday. Which was suppose to have been a big party with all the family, but Aunt Shirley suggested we leave it at just our family so we could all visit.
The cousins from Indiana, Arkansas & Florida all hit it off great. Course the Arkansas and Florida bunch knew each other, but the Indiana bunch didn't know everyone. It's funny how kids don't worry about strange people and they just play as if they have known them their whole lives.

Entire Anderson Clan (minus Mikey)

The Great-Grandkids

The Children

Children & Spouses


Grandkids & Spouses (minus Mikey)
Then New Year's Eve, we went out to Uncle Bobbie & Aunt Sandy's to visit with Rachel & Bobbie. I forgot my camera so I'll have to get those photos from Sandy.
Josie had a blast out there as well, playing with Rachel, making tents and using Uncle Bobbie's potty.
We left there around 9:00 to get Josie home so she could take her bath and go to bed. But the little stinkpot had other plans. She stayed up until 1:00 in the morning, when Mommy finally made her go to bed. But she got to see her first ball drop.
Saturday, when Josie finally woke up around 11:30, we got ready and went to town and bought Josie a mattress for my old twin bed. So she is now in a big girl bed!!! Hopefully now she'll stay in her own bed. I kept the bed that Grandpa Bob made me so that she could have it.
Then Tuesday night we were back at dance class. Granny decided she would go with us and Josie enjoyed showing off for her. The little burger even remembered on the way in there that three weeks ago, she went to the doctor after dance class and that he told her to drink more water. She amazes me, how much she remembers.
And babies are now using the big potties. I caught her doing this with her new boy doll. And you do not call him "baby boy" only the baby that Abby Root gave her is called "baby boy". You just call this one "boy".

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