Thursday, January 13, 2011

Black Sharpie & Highlighter Toes

So today, Josie goes to work with me. Ernie has Morgan there because Shirley is sick. Which the girls had an absolute blast together. They colored, watched movies, play dough, sit & spin and dollhouse. They were great!
Morgan had her fingernails and toes painted and Josie saw it. She wanted hers done and threw an absolute fit that I didnt' have fingernail polish with me. So Ernie gets her up on the desk, while Morgan sits on his lap and he colors Josie's big toe with a Black Sharpie. Then decides he should probably use a highlighter instead. :-) So then the girls had to have all their nails colored with the highlighter.
She had to show Mama Carole when she got their at lunch and then had to show Daddy when he got home tonight. She remembered though that I said I would paint her nails when we got home. She hasn't had her nails painted since she was a little baby and Mama Carole done it. She's never been interested and quite honestly I didn't figure she would sit still long enough to do it.
But she was all for it tonight. She even picked out the color and then sat there while I painted each set and then blowdryed it before moving onto the next set.

She wanted to take it off and do it again as soon as I done it. I told her once it wore off we would paint it another color and next time she wants purple. We then go down and start working on some stuff and she smudges one of them. She panics cause it's messed up. I finally get her to let it go, she then gets in the bath and before I know it, cause I'm folding some clothes, she has picked all of her fingernails off except one. She starts in again because she wants them painted again. This may not have been a great idea! But before bed, she forgot all about it again. She will probably drive us nuts tomorrow though! :-)
But my girl is growing up! She wants to be like all the big kids.

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