Friday, August 13, 2010

Riley's Birthday Party @ Western Skateland

Michelle booked Riley's 7th birthday party at Western Skateland and it was great!!!! I was so excited all week. I hadn't been skating since I was in middle school. I use to go all the time and stay for hours. Dad would drop us off and come pick us up later in the night. It was a blast!!!
Didn't know if I would be able to still skate but I was bound to try. I did pretty good. By the time it was over I was able to cross my feet in the corners again. However, I was unable to stop without running into the wall. I did try! And I DID fall flat on my rear end and a week later as I write this my tailbone still hurts if I sit on it. I think I might have broke it. Thank God, I did it right at the end of skating.
We got Josie in skates and she had a good time. She wasn't afraid of it at all and everytime she fell, she would just get right back up and go again. Until one time she fell and got herself all twisted, then she was done with it.
Cousin Carrie, went out on the floor with me to help Josie "skate". It was hard keeping her little body up on real skates (little skates were all gone). I felt like we were pulling her arms out of her socket but she wanted to keep going.
Cousin Cindy did another awesome job on birthday cake. She made Riley a "camo" cake. That was his theme for his party.

I think everyone had fun and some of the "Mom's" are talking about taking the kids back. This Big "Kid" wants to go too!!!

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