Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's Party Time- Part 1

I think I'll do this in two posts. This post I will show off my decorations!!! They came together so good. And Cindy did an awesome job on the cake.
I started decorating on Saturday and finished up about 1 hour before the party started. Dad & Mom took Josie to church and kept her all afternoon. Thank you Mom!!! That helped tremendously to getting things done.
Anyway, here we go!!!
I made the "Happy Birthday" sign with the scrap kit from Shabby Miss Jenn Designs that the invitations were made out of. I bought a cone shape green foam from Hobby Lobby and filled it with DumDum suckers to make a sucker tree. I decorated some cupcakes with just icing and placed them in some flower Wilton wrappers on top of a white flower shape melamine dinner plates on top of a bright orange flower pot turned upside down. The pink and orange tubs I bought in the Dollar section at Target an filled them with ice and placed the single serve ice cream cups in them.

The table decorations were a flower mat I bought on clearance at Target along with some sandbuckets from the dollar bin at Target and for the kids to take home with them. I filled it with floral foam and curly ribbon that I curled and stuffed on top. Along with a cupcake paper topper made from the same kit from Shabby Miss Jenn Designs that I printed out at home and cut out and placed on a skewer in the floral foam. We then used a Martha Stewart cupcake punch to make confetti out of the orange and pink scrap paper I had laying around.

I bought these paper lanterns at Hobby Lobby on clearance and quite actually wanted to leave them up. They were too cute and just added that special touch to the room. Josie thought they were balls at first and insisted on kicking, throwing and hitting them. Then once we hung them up, she though they were balloons.

We had a fill your bag candy jar. That everyone made a huge deal about not taking the candy! Just take the candy, people, that's what it's for!!!!
It turned out really cute. I made labels for them and the drinks on the computer, cut them out and tied them on with ribbon that coordinated that I found at Hobby Lobby.
The cupcakes in the window, I found at Michael's in the dollar bin, they didn't match the color theme. So I turned them over and decorated with Martha Stewart glue & Glitter. Other than the glitter mess, they turned out cute.

I let the kids decorate their own cupcakes after we were done eating. We had icing that was orange, blue, pink, purple and green. We poured the sprinkles out into the cupcake wrappers for the kids to easily grab hold of.

And then last but certainly not least, is this awesome cake that my cousin Cindy made. It matched the colors perfectly. Thank you Cindy!!!

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