Friday, August 13, 2010

Carry on & Dance Class

Every morning that Josie is going somewhere for the day, whether it be Mama Carole's or Aunt Michelle's we always have to take something with us. But normally it's a doll or a book or a small toy. Not today!!! She had to take my old dog "Humphrey" that my Aunt Susie made me when I was little. She actually made all three of us one, so Riley has Aunt Michelle's. I had to take a photo of her in her car seat with him because if she lays on him in the floor he is as long as her from snout to tail. And it looked funny with him being so big in the car seat.
And we started dance classes last night at Kick's. She was actually going to start them last Thursday but Mommy couldn't find the place. So I had Daddy take us by there after the skating rink last Saturday. I think she had a good time. I wasn't aware that the parents didn't go in the room with them so I didnt' know how that would go over. But she went in the room with her teacher Elizabeth and the other little girl, Ashley. Didn't cry once. I was proud of her. She watched everything they did but didn't want to do it herself. I hope she loosens up and enjoys it cause I would really like to put her in this fall and be with a bunch of little kids.

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