Friday, August 13, 2010

Josie's 2 Year Photo & the dress Mommy made

Check out the dress that Mommy made for Josie with Granny Glodyne's assistance.
I was wanting this dress from Matilda Jane but there was no way I could afford it or pay over $70 for it. Mike would have killed me. So I found the pattern for sale on Etsy and Granny & I headed to Jo-Ann's to find the material. Mike then kept Josie for me on a Saturday morning and I headed down to Granny's. She helped me read the pattern and watched me sew. The only thing she did for me on this dress was the button holes and that was because we couldn't get the machine to work. I was pretty proud of it and Josie calls it her pretty dress.
Course no photos in our yard with Josie would be complete with out "Bubby" Levi. He had to get in on the action too! And actually they are pretty cute, even if Ernie says we look like a hilljack from Kentucky with our dog and rocking chair in the yard.

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