Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Josie's Bday Party- Part 2

In attendance at Josie's party was:
Papa Doug & Mama Carole
Grandpa & Grandma Mike
Granny Glodyne
Nana Louise
Uncle Rick, Aunt Michelle, Riley & Kayla
Uncle Nathan & Aunt Emily
Uncle Bobbie & Aunt Sandy
Little Bobbie & Rachel
Dawnna, Nathan & Austin
Becky & Colby
"Uncle" Chris & Katie
Allyson, Madelyne & MacKenzie
Tony & Christie Walker (came early)

We had pizza & french fries for dinner.
She made out like a bandit on all her presents. But Mommy is excited because she didn't get that much clothing, so Mommy finally gets to go buy her some clothes.
Here are just some random photos of her opening presents. Photos were take by Katie so I could help Josie. Josie got really good at ripping open the paper and then the bags, she just got to where she would just turn it over and dump it.
(fishing pole from Daddy)

Granny made her a dress, matching purse and hair bows. It is really cute!!!

Some random photos of the kids with their cupcakes.

And then, Riley told me before Nathan & Austing got there. "Aunt Shannon if you have another baby, please, please, please have a boy!" He tells me this all the time cause he's outnumbered by the girls.

And then there is Little Mr. Colby. Riley, soon enough you'll have another little boy to play with.

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