Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Indianapolis Children's Museum & 2.5 yr check up

We went to the doctor on Monday (21st) for Josie's Two and a Half year checkup. Her weight was 38 lbs (above 97%), her height was 38 1/2 (above 95%) and her development was 3 years and 7 months. I can't believe how much this girl keeps growing. But we have slowed down on weight lately, which is helping on the clothes. I don't seem to be getting rid of clothes all the time that don't fit now.
After the doctor we took her to the Children's Museum because it was free. I wouldn't suggest doing this if you have ever thought about it. We figured that the schools in Indy would be in school due to all of the snow days. I don't know if they were or not but that place was ridiculously packed. Mike & I both decided we would rather pay next time than to deal with that crowd. We had to park way down the road in another parking lot cause everything close was full and then we got to walk in the rain all the way to the garage. So much fun!!! But Josie still enjoyed her time there and said she had fun.
Making Barbie clothes.

This photo kills me! It's as if she is saying "Mom, what do you think you are doing?"

Flying to Egypt with Daddy.

It took us all day for the line to die down to get to go in the Dora & Diego exhibit. She had fun once we were in there.

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vickie solis miller said...

Josie looks just like her Mama!