Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bannekar Basketball~ Kayla 2011

Kayla's basketball team this year is all boys. She is the only girl on the team. But that isn't stopping her and she is enjoying every minute of it. Josie & I went to watch her play on Saturday. Which Josie informed me after the game that she wanted to play basketball next year. We'll see!
Anyway, Kayla made a basket and she was really the only one I noticed having much control over the ball dribbling. So she is following right in her Mommy's footsteps.
The photos arent' that great. I learned that I am going to need that new lens I want before Josie starts doing this type of stuff. Oh darn!!! :-) So who wants to donate?

Kayla makes a basket!

She tries on this one but it missed.

I'm ready to go start watching baseball. That was my sport. What was your sport as a child?

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~Shari said...

Is cheer leading a sport?

My boys swam all threw school and one part way threw college.