Monday, February 28, 2011

Cousin Slumber Party

Saturday, the 19th, Riley & Kayla came to stay the night with Josie. She was excited about her slumber party all week. Kayla has never stayed the night with us and she did a really good job. Towards bedtime she said she missed Mommy, but she never cried about it though. But she did get Josie to the point that she too was saying she missed Aunt 'Chelle. Riley would try to console her by telling her that bubby was right here and so was Aunt Shannon and she would be fine.
Josie and Kayla had every room in the house destroyed! But the funniest part was when they got out the dress up clothes and put them on and then proceeded to put their "biker boots" on with it.

Riley and Uncle Mikey played Wii while the girls took their bath. I dont' know who won on that game but before bath, I played him and I won! Course I had to pick on him about it, cause Riley isn't the best loser. Normally he pouts and quits what he is doing if he loses but stayed right along with me and insisted we keep playing.

After the girls bath, they wanted their fingernails painted. So we ended up with one foot pink, one foot orange, one hand pink and one hand blue. They were oh so pretty!
We finished out the night with milkshakes, popcorn and a movie. We had a really good time and they all were really good.

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