Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some Random acts by Josie

  1. When asked Saturday morning (26th) by Michelle at Bannekar what Daddy was doing, she responded by saying "pooping."
  2. Had a pretend Pampered Chef party for her friends. And fixed them supper. Then told them to have a good time and enjoy. (27th)
  3. Said that an empty Sprite bottle was her "spitter." Thanks Daddy! (27th)
  4. Is all about "pretend home" and "pretend French Lick". I think the girls' pretend friend is Hannah Montana.(26th)
  5. Loves dancing to music, caught her tonight with hands on the floor, push up style and kicking her feet around. I think this may have been an attempt at break dancing.(27th)
  6. Asked Papa Mike the other night, "How old U are?" when she called to tell him Happy Birthday.(24th)
  7. This morning (1st) she sneezed and it sounded runny. I told her to go get a Kleenex, she goes into daddy and says "I need a Kleenex i blessed you."
  8. Is really getting into the "princess" stuff.

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~Shari said...

That - is some funny stuff there!