Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lazy Snowy Saturday

We got hit again with some snow this Saturday. I was glad it was on the weekend so we didn't have to get out. Daddy was gone all day long in it. Left early Saturday morning and was gone til around 8:00 Saturday night.
Josie and I just lounged around the house and did some odds and ends, here and there. We did make some sugar cookies but they didn't last long.
I got the 'ole camera out to play around. Josie was playing in her pink cowboy hat that she had got the night before at Michael's. Which while we were there, she kept asking where Michael was.

Then Josie had to take my camera and take some photos of Mommy. Daddy walked in the room while we were playing and she took some of him too. Pretty good shots for a 2 year old, if you ask me. Course I do have some of the floor as well.

Would tickle me to death, if she grows with the love of photography that her Mommy has.
Note to self: Make Josie a copyright stamp! LOL

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