Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spring~ I sure hope you are here to stay

Wednesday it was so pretty out. Michelle had the kids outside all afternoon other than naps. And when we got home, I thought "Forget the laundry!!! It can wait." So Josie & I headed outside. I had to take stuff down to the garage for Mikey so we really just played around down there and in the bottom.

I love this dog! He is the greatest. I wish Josie had gotten to know Kodi, but Levi is the next best thing. His only downfall is bringing the neighbor's trash home to our house, mostly to my flower bed.

This year, Josie is all about the water and mud puddles. She's always been enthralled with water but now she gets the fun of playing in the mud. We splashed from puddle to puddle in the driveway.

This is probably the second set of photos I have taken down in our bottoms. I don't know why, but I really like the road in the background for some reason.

And last but not least! Josie decided she wanted to go walking through the mud where the log machine had been sitting. Of course you can imagine that, it was like quicksand. What you don't see in this photo, is right after my shutter clicked, she starts yelling, Mommy I need your help. By the time I got over there she was about to have a breakdown because her boot was stuck in the mud and she was pulling it off. It was pretty strong stuff, I had to pull really hard on her loops of her boots to get her loose. She was done with it after that one!

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