Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mommy has had a not too fun last couple of weeks. A week ago Saturday, I woke up at 1:00 in the morning with a pain in my side and dry heaving. By the end of the night, I felt like I had been run over by a truck, everything in my body hurt. I couldn't take it anymore so Dad & Mom came and got me and took me to the ER. They ran some blood and urine and found out I had a kidney infection that had spread to my blood stream. Pain pills and antibiotics and off you go.
By Wednesday, I still wasn't feeling good and actually throwing up by that point, so I went to IMA. More blood work and an ultrasound. Finally after waiting about two days, I get my results back. I had a 7mm kidney stone that was blocking a tube leading into my kidney. Wonderful!!!
Last friday, they make me an appointment with a uroligist. Bunch more tests and a CAT scan. (Man those are weird!) The stone had "popped" back into my kidney and was going to have to be removed because it was too big to pass.
So Tuesday of this week, I go in for that. Had to go all day, no drinking or eating. That sucked!!! I made Mikey take me to McDonald's on the way home and I chugged a large Diet Coke nothing flat. I've been drinking water trying to flush stuff out and I hate water!!!!!!!!!!
Stayed home all day yesterday. Angalene was the one to watch Josie, so I went and hid in my scrapbook room all day. She didn't even know I was there. It was hard sitting in the room and listening to her. But it was Grandma's day and I knew I needed the rest. Wasn't suppose to be here at work today, but other than some cramping, I'm not hurting very badly. I guess that is one good thing about bad PMS syptoms, you learn to deal with pain! :-)
Enough about me, on to Josie!!!
She loves helping Mommy with whatever it is she is doing. On this day I was trying to get cupcakes made and a cookie for dinner with some friends. She saw the bubbles, so we pulled up a chair and this is how I got my stuff done. Works for me!!!

She is fast on the draw! She loves to grab Mommy's glasses off of her face. I'm just waiting on the day she breaks them. She gets in trouble for it but still does it. She put them on this day and this scrapbooking Mommy had to take a picture.

She is very much attached to her Tigger and her Teddy. She sleeps with them at every nap and every night. Other then Teddy stays home. He is white after all! I think it's funny cause Aunt Susie bought this teddy for her when she came to meet her at the hospital and she is attached to it. And I still have the dog that Aunt Susie bought for me the first time I had to go to the hospital after I was born and I slept with it up until I got married. Now I guess Mikey is my "dog"! Hee Hee!!! But I still have it and it is the one stuffed animal Josie is not allowed to play with.

Josie has always been into her shoes and changing them, but now she is trying to do it all herself. I started out this day to take pictures of all the shoe changes but this is the Saturday I was sick. But I did get two photos.

Josie & I went to watch Kayla play basketball. I forgot how tiny they look out there after watching Riley for 3 years. They are so cute out there running around. Kayla was the smallest girl on the team.

This past Saturday it was nice out so Daddy took Josie outside to play. When Mommy got done with the dishes I went out and joined them. We played on the porch and swang. Then Daddy & Josie went for a walk in the woods. She brought back a stick to show me. She was proud of that stick but she was making me nervous with it so I told her that Levi liked sticks and she should give it to him. So she did and of course Levi chomped it up. She was funny! She kept giving him the little pieces that were left. She also "fixed" him some food in her kitchen and she sat down on the deck with him and kept playing with his feet. Needless to say we had to strip down when we went in the house.
I got Josie's hair up in a ponytail. Took me a while and it's not the best but it's almost long enough to do it. I was hoping this girl would get Daddy's thick hair but I think she is getting mine. But her hair definately has a red tint to it that I always wanted in a little girl.

Sunday, after Daddy came in the house from helping "Unc" Chris, I went to the grocery store. I bought Josie some candy to put on her Easter dish that Mama Carole had bought her. The child did NOT see me put the candy on the dish. Daddy was cutting up pork loins that I had bought on sale. I went to the bathroom to put some cleaning stuff away. He came to the door and cleared his throat to get my attention. This is what I walked out to see.

She had climbed up in the dining room chair and on to the table and was sitting there telling us "Candy". So once again she should have got in trouble first but instead I had to grab the camera first. then she got in trouble.
This child is most definately going to keep us on our toes!!!

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