Thursday, March 25, 2010

Children's Museum & "What you doing?"

Last Thursday, March 18th, Daddy &I took Josie to the children's museum. She made it all the way to 465 without falling asleep. Looked back as we went under 465 and she was out. So we let her sleep until we found the parking garage so that maybe she would be able to go a little longer in the afternoon. We woke her at the garage and she didn't want to walk or be carried, she wanted to ride in her stroller. She doesn't get to ride in it often cause we really don't go anywhere so anytime it is out, she wants in it. So we let her ride.

The first thing we went to was the Barbie exhibit. She was still a little asleep so at first she wasn't really interested in it. But by the time we got to the back of it she was starting to warm up. Mommy does not like Barbie's and this little exhibit was done very well. I would actually like to have a room in my home done like it. They had it done in a really bright pink, black & chrome. Made me think of throwing her a Barbie party. But back to Mommy doesn't like them and I don't want the inlaws to make our home a Barbie shrine. 

Next stop was Egypt. She was starting to warm up in this area. She liked the little house and the dishes. Go figure! This child loves the pretend things. We had to keep her from putting the play food in her mouth. She also liked the statues. There was one of a sheep/goat thing and she called it a dog and was petting it. The crocodile she was petting it too. Then she sat down on this face and was pointing out his eyes, nose and so on. As we were leaving there was a man there writing names in Arabic. So I went back in and got her name wrote in Arabic.

Next stop was Bob the Builder. She loved this area. I would say this was one of her top two favorites, with the other being the area for the 5 and under. Anyway, all she wanted to do was "drive" the equipment. The only problem with this area was the bigger kids runing her over.

A group of artists blew all this glass for this structure in the middle of the museum. It was really pretty & vibrant, the photos don't do it justice.

After this we went to lunch to beat the crowd. I had brought Josie's lunch cause I wasn't sure what all they had. But they had pizza and french fries so she was set. Lunch was very good there.
Then after lunch we went up to the carousel. Josie did not like it at all. I put her on a stationary horse when it was our turn and she immediately started crying. So we moved to the benches. She was fine until it started moving and then she climbed up in my lap, grabbed onto my neck for dear life. Once it started going she let go of my neck, sort of! She still hung on but it wasn't as tight.

Josie laughing at Mommy trying to do the hula hoop! I've lost my groove!!! :-)

The next and last stop was the area for the kids 5 and under. We spent the rest of the afternoon here. She had an absolute blast. Every boy and girl she saw she was calling them "Bubby" and "Kayla". Then she buddied up with a little boy that always seemed to be at the same station we were at. He was there with his Mom and she started calling him "Bubby". She just really liked the freedom of running around and doing what she wanted to do. You had to watch some of the bigger kids but it wasn't bad at all.

She loved the sand box. We are going to have to break down and buy her one.

This child absolutely loves water. She loved playing in this. She refused to put the provided aprons on. Then she started throwing toys and splashing, so Mommy had to pull her off of it. I didn't want to be "One of those Mom's", you know the ones with the child out of control and doesn't do anything about it! :-) But she didn't seem to mind. We just moved on to the next project.

She kept saying this was Uncle's and wasn't happy when I took her off so another kid could have a turn. But the little boy was waiting so patiently.

She was ready for a drink, so it was really easy to get her out of here. Then we went to the store and bought a play ice cream cone and a Barbie coloring book. We went to all of the exhibits except the Dinasour, by the time we were down there she was ready to go. Everytime you ask if she had a good time she would shake her head yes. I was so glad she enjoyed herself. And Daddy & Mommy did too. We have been waiting a long time for stuff like this. And the older she gets we know the more there is to come.

Josie's new phase now is "What you doing?". She will drive you nuts asking this. But you can't help but answer her because it is just too cute. And I know it's only a phase and then she will move onto the next one. Which I think is going to be the "Why?", cause she is occasionally doing it now. I got onto her the other night for constantly spilling her Puffs out of her bowl and told her to sit down. While I was cleaning them up, she came over, leaned down, hand on my shoulder, and said "Why?". AW!!! That kid!!!!


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