Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010

Wow! I can't believe it is already February! How time flies, Josie will be 18 months on Wednesday and she is learning new things daily. She is saying the funniest things and the things she can say really well such as ,"It's cold", she will repeat 50 million times. At least that's what it seems like! :-)
She is absolutely obsessed with Elmo and I think Elmo is going to have to be restricted a little. However, you put one of her Elmo DVD's in and she will watch for about 10-15 minutes and then off she goes. But if you shut it off, she is immediately back to the TV questioning where Elmo is. On the days and nights that Elmo is annoying Daddy & Mommy or we feel she has watched enough, we tell her Elmo is sleeping. It use to stop with that but now she goes through all the characters she knows and we tell her they are all sleeping. But it is nice when Mommy needs to get something done, that I can just pop in Elmo.

She is really into playing with her dolls now. She will "ocky, ocky, teetop" them and she has also begun putting them together and they kiss. Her teddy and dolls also go to the potty now. And she will stand there and ask them if they are "Done?" It is so cute!!!

We got ourselves moved to the basement this weekend and last night was our first night of sleeping down there. I told Mike I felt like I was moving to a new home or something when I went to bed last night. That and the whole 15 years that we have been married, I sleep on the Left side of the bed, which has always been by the door of our rooms. Well in this room, Mike is by the door. When I mentioned this, he got to laughing and I asked what was so funny. He asked me if I was going to get up in the middle of the night and run into the wall. I only had to get up once last night and all was well! So there!!! but we do need a nightlight, cause I see some tripping happening over toys.

Dad had his heart cat this morning. To much relief, I guess, he only has one artery 50% blocked and they don't do anything until they are 80-90% blocked. Which makes no sense, but anyway, all they did was put him on beta blockers and he didn't need a stint. Now we just got to get the clot in his leg figured out and his sleep apnea test. Hopefully they will be able to take care of these two items as easily.

Finally I can get some recent photos on here!

01-07-10 Check out the tattoo! Her first rubon.

01-10-10 We celebrated Daddy's birthday with the family on Sunday.

01-13-10 Playing in the snow with Daddy & Mommy

01-14-10 Playing in Mommy's shoes

01-15-10 Cupcakes at Granny Glodyne's 79th Bday

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