Wednesday, February 3, 2010

18 Months & ABC's

So today Josie is 18 months old. I really don't know how I feel about that. I am glad she is getting more independent every day and easier to deal with for a Mom with no patience. But on the other hand I miss my little baby. Just rocking her tonight I thought to myself I better enjoy every minute of this cause in another 18 months she may not want to be rocked to sleep. And I say "May"! You never know. I hope she stays my little cuddle bug, at least until she's 18! :-)

Last night while I was giving her a bath, I sung the ABC's. I was just being silly and stopping at "P" and the little terd said "QRS". So I continued singing it over and over and she also said "YZ" and "HIJK,blahblahblah, P". It is truly amazing how quickly they pick these things up.

She also knows what "2" is and uses it to get her M&M's. Cause who can resist those chubby cheeks, when she comes to you, bends over at her waist, and puts her fingers up, and says "two"! I know I can't. She can't quite count yet, but when you count the steps as you go down them, I have heard her say "eight" and "thirteen". So we are getting there.

She is getting really good at her blocks. Just tonight, she stacked them up with me holding them until she couldn't reach the top anymore. I had Daddy take a picture so I'll get that up on here soon.

I have also been working on finishing up my 2009 Scrapbook layouts and am almost to the end of October. Simply amazing how much quicker it is digitally. Don't get me wrong, I still love the traditional and crafting but it is only the beginning of February 2010 and I am already to October 2009. Never has this happened and I hope I can keep them up like this for her. However, I will have to go back and finish up 2008! :-) I guess I can put that on my list.

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