Monday, March 9, 2009

We had an awesome weekend! I took off on Friday and went to Edinburgh with Mom & Michelle. Josie done wonderful. Never complained once. We ate at Ruby Tuesday's which was very good. I had never ate there before. I bought Josie some more winter pj's for the summer. That makes sense don't it?! LOL Since Josie's room is downstairs and it is very cool down there she is particular about what she wears to bed. Course right now you can't find winter pj's so luckily I found some at Carter's. I got her a few cute outfits at Baby Gap & at Gymboree. I had one more outfit that I wanted at Gymboree but I ran out of money. I'll have to see if I can find it on Ebay! I did earn $50 Gymbucks though so I got to remember to go get them things used when that time comes. I'll be so sad when she outgrows Gymboree, I love their clothes! And the resale value on them is awesome. I also like Janie & Jack which I had never heard of but learned of them through my cousin and her stepdaughter. They have really cute clothes but the closest one is Keystone. That is going to have to be a summer road trip!
Saturday, we got up and hung around the house until Riley's basketball game. That was nice. We haven't stayed home for quite a while. But I have to go to the bank sometime. Anyway, we went to Riley's basketball game. He done really good but when the game started he was guarding a little boy that was being very rough. His Mama said she was gonna have to go out there and give the boy a whipping. He was being really rough and got in trouble by the referee. I'd say he is a rough kid though cause the poor little guy's parents had him in a mo hawk & earrings. He was all of 6 at the most. Little young for earrings on a boy! My opinion anyway.
Then we went back home and hung around outside until my Uncle Richard's 80th birthday. It would be Josie's Great Great Uncle. They had a really good turn out and we had a lot of fun. A few from our generation decided it was time to get everyone together for a family reunion and we volunteered Nathan's house since that "was" the old homestead. I don't think he's too happy about it but he's not the one that will clean the mess up anyway and I told him we would use the barn.
Then Sunday, I was naughty and played hooky from church again! Time changed and we overslept. Not really cause if time hadn't changed we would have gotten up at 7:30 and only slept in an hour. But since time changed it was 8:30 and Mike was suppose to be at the neighbor's house at 8:30 to work on my car. So Josie and I took our time getting ready and I went down to the neighbor's to get my purse out of the car and ended up staying there until noon. They hadn't seen Josie yet and she was occupied watching Maddie & Abby ride around on 4-wheelers and go-carts. Then we went to Granny's and had lunch. Hung out there while Mikey helped Dad,Rick & Nathan lay some carpet in Granny's basement. Then we went home and fixed deer steak. After dinner was over, I gave Mike an option of going for a walk down the road or going in the woods for a walk. It was too nice out to sit in the house. So we went for a hike in the woods. It was Josie's first time in the woods and she enjoyed it. I put her in our backpack and she cooperated quite well. I don't see how people put kids in those on their own though. I couldn't do it.

Here are some random pictures from the last week:
Renee Blubaugh got her this tub for the baby shower. We got it out for her this week. She likes it but Mommy doesn't cause I don't feel like I'm getting her butt cleaned. I guess she's soaking in enough soapy water, it can get what I miss.
When Mikey comes in to play with her after I bathe her, they have to make him quack and I swear if the kid could climb out of the tub on her own she would climb right over his head and sit there so she could quack him. It's hilarious how excited she gets.
Eating puffs on her own. I was cleaning up after her dinner and turned around to find a puff stuck on her head.

She is 7 months old on this day! Where has the time gone?!
Papa Doug & Mama Carole got this for Josie when we found out it was a girl. Kayla got one for her first birthday so Dad had to find one for Josie. This is the first time she has rode on it. When we were downstairs sitting in the floor she kept staring at it so Daddy pulled it out and put her on it. They rode around the basement for a little while before her bath.

Josie loves bouncing in her Baby Einstein bouncer. I told Mike this weekend out of everything that we have had for her so far, I think this is by far the best baby item we have. She loves this thing. The older she gets the faster and higher she bounces. One of these days she might just bounce herself right out of it. The funny thing is though, she curls her toes under on one foot while she bounces so she is actually bouncing on the tops of her toes. You would think it would hurt but it doesn't stop her.


McBaby080808 said...

Super cute pics! I posted some similar of Sabrina in the duck tub. She LOVES the thing and cracks up whenever I make it quack :)

aheacox13 said...

Haha!!!! I cracked up when I saw the puff on the head! These!

We always eat at Ruby Tuesdays when we got to Edinburg..I LOVE the salad bar!