Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another scrapbook page I finished up today.
It was so nice out last night. Mikey hung up Josie's swing on the porch and we put her in it. She absolutely loved it. She swung for over an hour and I'm the one that had her get out. It was boring old bath time. No she likes baths too but I think she was perfectly content swinging. I think I may be able to put her in the swing and work in my flower bed this summer. Which it sorely needs since I couldn't work in it last year. Couldn't bend over very well ya know! :-)
I washed my first load of clothes in my new washer last night. I really like it. I got all of our clothes caught up in 2 loads. Now I don't know if my dryer will be able to keep up! :-) It's gonna have to or I'm going to have to get me a good old fashion clothesline! I really don't want to have to buy a dryer too! :-( So we'll keep our fingers crossed.

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