Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Don't mean to be one of "those mom's"! But Josie has been saying "bah" when she sees her bottle. Okay, no big deal. Then Sunday evening when we went to take a bath. She said "ba". THEN! Monday when I dropped her off at Mom's and I went to kiss her and tell her bye, she says "bi". So yal I guess I will be "one of those mom's!" She's so stinking smart!
I wish she'd start crawling though. She is trying so hard to figure it out. Now when you are holding her and she wants down, she will fling herself forward. Then sometimes when you put her down, she is twisting her legs behind her trying to figure out how to get to her knees. She's not fighting being on her belly as much anymore either so maybe anytime now! Last night she was trying to pull herself up by using my pant legs. She gets mad when she can't do what it is she is wanting. I think she's gonna have a little attitude. Wonder where she gets that from?! HeeHee!
We started Chicken Vegetable dinner on Saturday and she liked it. I was so glad cause she won't eat any meat so far. Today she started Vanilla Pudding Custard and she likes it. When Mike and I eat something that I think is safe for her I will give her some. She's had a few things but it still makes me nervous.
I think she may be teething again. Her sleep pattern is all messed up and she is starting to drool alot again. She is chewing on anything you give her and you can hear her bottom teeth scraping it. So I'd say anytime now we will see some more choppers.
We went and bought her a swing at Menards Saturday. We haven't hung it up yet because we haven't had time. Mikey was trying to figure out how to hang it in the living room so she can use it when it's cold out. I guess that is one advantage of living in a log home. You have exposed rafters running through your rooms.
We had to go buy a new washing machine last night. I really was not wanting to spend that kind of money but it got to where it wasn't spinning. Luckily it was a load of whites I had in there so it's no big deal that they have been sitting there. Mikey is going to finish hooking it up tonight. We both find it very funny how things work. This machine has been acting up for over a month now. But it would always start working again and go a few weeks and not act up once. Then we sell a truck two weeks ago. Mike puts the money up for "just in cases" and boom guess what happens! The washing machine goes out! I'm glad we had the money sitting there but it would be nice if it could "sit there" for more than two weeks. Oh well! Poop happens!!!
I "CT-d" for a lady on a scrap website that I sale on. I made the following layout with her papers. She has some really cute stuff! Check her out if you're interested in digital scrapbooking. Click on the layout and it will take you to her store, while you are there feel free to check out my stuff too! :-) (http://www.polkadotpotato.com/shop/manufacturers.php?manufacturerid=31)

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